Author Topic: Looking for my old car, H259 XYH, black 3dr 8v, flush handles  (Read 1797 times)

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I was wondering if anyone on here knows the wherabouts of my old mk2, H259 XYH.

I modified it about 10 years ago, it was a metallic black 3dr 8v, with about 60k miles on it then.

It had 17'' Keskin alloys, Koni coilovers, flush handles and tailgate, electric door opening buttons under the DTM mirrors.

It was nearly standard when I had it first, but it was vandalised, so I ended up spending a fortune on a full respray and loads of mods.

I sold it to a guy from Cheltenham, I think, in about 2003-2004?

According to the DVLA website, it is still taxed and on the road.

I would love to know what its up to now!

Had a lot of good times in that car.

Thanks, Roger
Here is a pic;

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Try reposting in the Mk2 section,

And also work your way through this lot...

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Re: Looking for my old car, H259 XYH, black 3dr 8v, flush handles
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I'm not sure if your still active on here.

I currently own the car H259 XYH and it is having a lot of work to get it right :)

I would love to get in touch and show you how it looks now and see if you have any more info on the car.

I hope you receive this and get in touch :)