Author Topic: Golf MK4 recode can gateway to get rid of airbag light?  (Read 2568 times)

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So, since ive had this MK4 AGU its had an airbag light on the clocks (bora half fis clocks), I suspect this is due to the seats not being connected anymore due to a change..... Anyway.... I read that I could recode the can gateway taking 4 off of the value so just being left with the abs, going from 00006 to 00002.

I've tried countless times to change the value and it allows me to, I click 'Do it' the, airbag light is still on and the can gateway software coding always reverts back to 00006 it wont retain the 00002 value that I want it to have.

Any ideas why? Ive recoding things before and never had an issue but with this it doesnt want to retain any new coding.

More info, there are no clocks/can related errors.

TIA, please help me ditch the airbag light and waring message 'airbag fault' as its getting a little annoying!

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Re: Golf MK4 recode can gateway to get rid of airbag light?
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Colin not sure if you got my Text so....
Try getting some 4.7ohm 0.5watt resistors and putting them in the plugs (loom side) make sure they are a tight secure fit. Make sure you disconnect the battery while doing it, when you are done re connect the battery and then clear your codes. This should trick the ECU into thinking the seats are all connected.
Hope it helps if not I've got vagcom as well I can bring with me when I come to pick up the engine and we can try that ??
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