Author Topic: What about a regional area section??  (Read 1800 times)

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What about a regional area section??
« on: 23 January 2013, 20:41 »
This is just a thought, I had a look but didnt see any sorry if its there and delete this. But would it be a goer??  Sort of like one section then split into  North England,  South England,  Wales,  Scotland and Northern Ireland/Southern Ireland.

Think it would be a good place to stick up car events/meets and pictures that would be more local or low key than the bigger national meets we all know about. Maybe even get some sort of area meet for forum members and so on if you know what I mean.

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Re: What about a regional area section??
« Reply #1 on: 23 January 2013, 20:48 »
We have such a section for meets - but not the rest