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Windscreen chip - TPFT
« on: 05 October 2012, 18:51 »
Hi everyone - not been on here alot lately but my MK4 1.8 T is still going strong with 153,000 but the MOT is due, Couple of advisories from last year with rear brake pipes showing slight corrosion, my dad will give those a rub down and coat of grease for further protection, the other was windscreen damage less than 40mm outside zone A which is just a chip. However I dont think it is less than 40mm and its right in the middle of the screen so yes its outside Zone A - IF this fails does anyone know a good/reasonable company to repair chips? the thing is I have no windscreen cover so would foot the whole bill  :sad:

Also needs a new sidelight bulb and new wiper blades (may not be a fail but the current ones are rubbish lol)

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