Author Topic: ReDBull - '03 Leon Cupra R  (Read 34652 times)

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Re: ReDBull - '03 Leon Cupra R
« Reply #80 on: 12 January 2014, 02:50 »
Hey there buddy its Matt here i was at vw action on the Vag tuning stand, I'm sure you was there  I've got the candy white mk4

You still got the Kw clubsport coil overs for sale ???

If you have dude will you take £800 for them, got the cash here dude  :smiley:

you can call me on 07429 966661
2000 1.8T R Tech remap - 310 bhp/321 lb;ft : Decat, stainless 2.5" exhaust, front mount intercooler, KO4 :  S2000 airfilter, Relentless manifold, Badger5 TIP, Saab red injectors, VR6 MAF housing, Forge 007p & Actuator, JK coilovers, Fully polybushed, Vibra Technics engine mounts, ECS Dogbone Mount, Cupra R fuel pump, TT subframe, Porsche 996 Calipers, HELL Lines, Custom 'J' Hook OE R32 Discs, Quaife ATB LSD,  Spec Stage 3+ Clutch & flywheel, WaterMeth, Rear ARB, AEM Data