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rcd 510 phonebook help
« on: 24 May 2012, 19:15 »
Hi all i have a few bluetooth and audio questions i need help with so i will get straight to it first off is( 5K0 035 730 D)  9W7 bluetooth and taking that it is does any one know why after fitting a second hand rcd 510 why i have no voice activation and why i cant display the phonebook on the screen of the rcd 510 (iphone 4 ios5.1)  all other features seem to work like ( missed calls, dialed calls ,recent call) even favorite numbers but no phonebook.When i press the phonebook button it sometimes display 2 or 3 numbers in one or just nothing. Would my dealer be able to fix this for me or is there some way of syncing the headunit with the bluetooth model seen as i had an rcd 310 it might need to undate to the rcd 510 anyway all help is well come thanks
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