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mk1 gti look 20vt
« on: 04 June 2012, 16:06 »
Hi again,
I'd like to show you second car of mine, which is mk1 3d golf. A fellow rang me saying that his neighbour wants to get rid of mk1 golf that seems to be in one piece. I took the trailor and bought it for as much as 120pounds. that how my new toy looked like when we first met:

that's how she looked after general bath:

i didn't even try to start her, because had a better idea to spend time than trying to start it. i took the seats out and sent them to the skip. the same happened with the 1,1 LPG engine and its gearbox. no when I stripped the whole car to pieces, I decided that she's worth working on her. So got my donor A3 AGU british import:

then the new type cambelt tensioner went out

and was replaced with the 16v one:

the reason was it was taking the space for a custom engine mount that I made myself:

engine bay cleaned, 1,1 engine mount shaved, and new clipper golf mount welded in:

finshed, then satin black made the job:

here we can see how many wires are useless :grin::

then engine put in the right place:

all the old type wiring is gone now, the new one is based on late mk2 or mk3 fusebox.

then I got those fifft backlights for 5pounds, just to cut the indicators off and stich them into original ones:

now thats the worst plase in my car:

someone before me changed the passenger wing for not original one that's why it was rusty, but worse part of this fact, he didn't put the original sealing stuff which wings are covered with, so water, salt(used to melt snow) didthei job preety well.

anyway I got that sorted, now while I'm in UK the 60mm stainless steel exhaust is being done as well as FMIC and it's piping.

in three weeks from now I'm flying back home and will make some more photos. My plans about this car is to respray it white, I've got almost all tinted green windows for it, all them original plastic gti wing widing stuff. new bumpers, recaro electric mk2 seats, etc etc. just will be doing it when home because I work in UK at the moment. I could paint the car soon, but I want to drive it for a while, when winter comes I've got a mk2 ABV syncro to drive so mk1 can be finished then.

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Re: mk1 gti look 20vt
« Reply #1 on: 04 June 2012, 16:33 »
Awesome work mate....looking forward to seeing to progress!! Jealous  :laugh:

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Re: mk1 gti look 20vt
« Reply #2 on: 04 June 2012, 16:39 »
all the work on pictures has been done during one weekend because I had to fly to UK.