Author Topic: Will shopping list work???  (Read 1641 times)

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Re: Will shopping list work???
« Reply #10 on: 20 May 2005, 11:14 »
PS, (In case you don't know) Make sure that all the speakers are in phase. ie, all positives from amp to positives on speakers.

They will work either way, BUT speakers will cancel each other out a bit if, ones moving out as other's moving in (if you know what I mean) Especially important if you have rear's as well.

Get some silver backed sound deadening sheets or large rolls (similar to dynamat) off ebay or somewhere for front doors, rear doors/wings and boot floor&tailgate to make it sound better. This will cost £50 to £150 unfortunatley  :smiley: Takes a few hours to fit too! but done carefully will make a huge improvement. Take all your seats out to do this 1st. They remove easily (5min job)

Use decent thickness MDF if you're making sub enclosure and make it solid. Don't use 3/8" thick, that's too thin. Need 1/2" thick minimum. Sealed enclosure needs to be 0.75 cubic feet. Ported normally twice as big. Finish with some nice acoustic cloth (again from ebay or somewhere cheaper than stereo shops) Take time to securley fasten speakers, etc. GOOD INSTALLATION & quality wiring makes the difference.

oh, and one main thing after all that's done.... Post some pics!  :tongue:
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Re: Will shopping list work???
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superb post mate!

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Re: Will shopping list work???
« Reply #12 on: 23 May 2005, 23:33 »
Thanks Splinter,

That will be useful!

My first amp should arrive this week so I can get the first 4 speakers wired up correctly, then wait til I get the sub and second amp in a couple of weeks.

Any ideas where I would fit a second battery without shrinking my boot space anymore!, its only a little Cab boot you see. And I'll be boxing one side off for the sub and the other side for the xbox.

I'm in a bit of a planning phase still at the moment.

Thanks again.

PS How is Leonardo and co? ;)
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Re: Will shopping list work???
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Here's all the bits needed for a split charge relay kit:

and a typical dry-cell battery:

Me and my mate used to buy a few things from that company years ago, until he got a job at caraudiocentre in Nottingham (also good!). Both firms do very good products at good value, and some great packages and know their stuff so can give some advice.

Just to show prices are pretty good 12" sub & box package:

We once installed 5, 15" subs (imported from US) in the back of an Astra! Was seriously loud and kept breaking his boot lock. Used to enter Sound quality comps and SPL comps with it. He still only had one battery though, but kept his engine running all the time, all day!  :shocked:

Best get your boot plans down on paper. Sketch idea after idea with measurements, then eventually you'll work out whats best. If you modify your engine bay and a little, turn battery 90 degrees, a new tray, you might be able to get two small batteries in there! Maybe? :huh:
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