Author Topic: Lost Keys? How to remove the ignition barrel in situ  (Read 8631 times)

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Lost Keys? How to remove the ignition barrel in situ
« on: 10 December 2011, 10:00 »
Recently I lost my key and then found that the spare I was given doesn't even turn the ignition so I found myself keyless!

Google threw up lots of info but it was all based on having the steering lock housing off the steering column, and I didn't have a bearing pull to remove the spline adaptor. I found this page from a Bentley manual saying it might be possible to not have to remove it.

After having a look, I reckoned I could reach it with it still in the car, so gave it a go.

First I took everything off I needed to so I could get at it:

Steering wheel - 24mm (iirc) bolt
Indicator and MFA stalks (3 long thin screws and a couple of wiring harnesses)
Plastic cowling around the steering lock (2 screws underneath, pull and wiggle the top!)
Unplug all the other wiring connected to the ignition housing

When working out where to drill through I found a number of pictures helpful.

The Bentley manual page was good for reference as the pic is more detailed

This pic is good because it actually has the measurements on!

And this is someone else's photo of where they drilled

Started with marking out where to drill. My only advice here would be make sure you measure from the ridge rather than the very edge for a

Started with a small bit, and once the hole was started changed to a slightly bigger one

It was easy enough to drill through, the only problem came with the drill rubbing against the one screw hole that stuck out at the top.
With the hole drilled you just get a small skinny screwdriver to poke through the hole to push the leaf spring down on the barrel itself. By putting the key in the lock it gives you something to pull on. It took a bit of wiggaling but came out easy enough.

When you look back inside you can see the groove where the spring sits

On the ignition barrel itself you can see the spring

Take that to a locksmith and he will be able to make you some of these from the number on it......

Happy days!!