Author Topic: Yes.... Another clutch thread....  (Read 442 times)

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Yes.... Another clutch thread....
« on: 02 December 2011, 22:32 »
OK so, my rear beam bushes have had it so was planning to do that in the coming week..... fun....

Now my clutch has started slipping/juddering/whatever! Don't you just love 'unexpected' bills this time of year.....!


I'm considering which of the clutch kits to go for (VR6/G60)

Sachs £200 (I'm assuming this would be the popular choice?)

Valeo £190

Techniclutch carbon/kevlar £200 (read a lot of bad reviews about Techniclutch but not sure if it applies to all clutches?)

Or any other reccomendations? How much would fitting roughly be? I know it depends on individual charges but i'm assuming between £200-300?

Anyone reccomend anywhere in London/Devon area to get it done?