Author Topic: Wiring in a new stereo 1997 Mk3 Golf GTi  (Read 1248 times)

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Wiring in a new stereo 1997 Mk3 Golf GTi
« on: 19 October 2011, 19:57 »

I've just bought myself a 1997 Golf GTi which still has the standard Blaupunkt stereo in it, so to replace it I've got a new Pioneer headunit.

I just wanna know the easiest way to install it and by that I mean, is there a harness I can buy that will simply plug one end into the car wiring and the other into the back of the stereo or do I need to buy a harness with only a plug at one end that requires the wires matching up to the plug and wires supplied with the headunit and connecting together with connector blocks?

Also, what (if any) special tools are needed to remove the old stereo and fit the new one in.

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Re: Wiring in a new stereo 1997 Mk3 Golf GTi
« Reply #1 on: 19 October 2011, 20:56 »
You should find the standard stereo has two connectors which will just unplug and then plug in your stereo. You may find that you will need to swap the red and yellow wires over to retain memory though. As for removing the stereo you should be able to do it with a flat headed screwdriver  :cool: