Author Topic: k03 / k04 wheel size list  (Read 23126 times)

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Re: k04-023 turbine and compressor size
« Reply #50 on: 24 October 2011, 17:11 »
daves going for the 023 wheel on the -001 i think wolvey

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Re: k04-023 turbine and compressor size
« Reply #51 on: 24 October 2011, 17:59 »
So Decided to go this hybrid route myself a while back, basically idea was to put a k04-023 core into the the K03s. Obviously it would need machining, but the premise was there. I've spoken to Jamie about this, and have had all the machine work done on my k03s that I had kicking aroung, I also had a used k04-023 so I could put the 2 together to at least make sure there was no clearance issues when the machining was being done. The machine shop I used is very good but they struggled, mainly as they had to make up brackets to support the housings in order to get them machined. Also as the parts are all cast and then machined at the factory they aren't all the same and not completely true!

Anyway after a lot of work and lots of fine tunning with a dremmel the 2 housings are now finished and ready. Only problem is I now no longer had a car to install the turbo on!

Here are some pictures

this 2nd picture shows a standard k03s hot side with the new machined hot side, I doubt you can really see any difference, but will give an idea.

Now I am sure there will be discussion about whether this turbo would be as good as a full k04-023 , the answer is simply no firstly the exhaust is smaller and also the a/r on the k03s coldside housing is lower than the k04-023 which will mean at peak boost there will be less air flowing through so you wont get as high a BHP but you will get better torque, which for a fwd drive car is almost certainly better.

The only other issue I have, is that the k03s inlet on the compressor housing is 42.5mm wide. the inducer on the k04-023 is also 42.5mm so if you where to run the bore on the housing all the way through you would run out of metal, because of this we had to step down the inlet to allow enough metal to remain but also to accomodate the compressor this happen half way down the inlet, this in my mind is going to restrict air flow into the compressor and could potentially cause it to stall or surge but I think that would only happen at high PSI. Possibly a good tip would gain back some of this restriction.

Anyway. We shall see what happens, just need to buy a project car to fit the turbo too. I have everything else ie manifolds, injectors FPRs, and FMIC and a remapped ecu just nothing to run it on  :grin:

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Re: k03 / k04 wheel size list *from page 8*
« Reply #52 on: 06 June 2012, 14:59 »
did some searching and found this topic!!!

has some answers i need but the results were never posted here... so what was the outcome??

i have a k04-023 and have just got a old k03 to do the conversion but reading this apparently i ned the k03s hotside.... i thought these hot sides were the same   :undecided:

any help much appreciated

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