Author Topic: Rubbing/wearing noise when turning right only (drivers side?)  (Read 450 times)

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I recently had my steering rack replaced and had my tracking done and since the car has started making a rubbing/wearing/whining noise. It drives fine and stays straight so tracking is ok.

It doesnt always make a noise but seems to do it after I have done some motorway miles, (25m) and then come to roundabouts and turn right about 30 degrees, It always happens at this angle theres like some noise like rubbing or wearing but it doesnt sound like Arch rubbing when the tyres are 2 big.

It also makes periodic noise like, on the rotation of the tyre so it will make the noise at every specific point of the rotation of the tyre. (Think train tracks when you hear the clickedy/clack thing)

After making a bit of noise when the problem happens it will then start doing it when I am driving straight but not as bad.

Power steering fluid has been topped up and my steerings fine.

My mechanic has taken a look 2x and cant find any problems, it doesnt happen on the morning when I start the car and drive a few miles but does after a bit?

Edit - forgot to mention that I previously replaced Track Rod Ends, Steering Rack Gaiter, Orbis Wheel Bearing Kit about 6 months ago. They could well have broke again though (ECP)
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Brake discs warped? or CV joint?

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I have a droning noise on mines when I turn left a slow speeds.

I have put it down to either a fault wheel bearing or the gearbox is its way out. Don't get any noises when driving straight or turning at higher speeds.