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drego786 - mk1 cab
« on: 08 August 2011, 18:31 »
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Re: drego786 - mk1 cab BBM SR2 G60
« Reply #1 on: 08 August 2011, 19:07 »
ok here goes MK1 Cab Mars red 1986 D reg
I bought my mk1 from a guy in Maidenhead for £210 as a project/breaker, towed it home and left it for a few days as i ponder what to do with it then the dreaded bug hit me and i decided to rebuild it as a project G60 and ended up buying a BBM Lysholm series 2 Charger with all the fitting kit for £1200 and a G60 engine/loom charger £600 the engine has been fully stripped and has just been honed at a friends garage so far this is what i have done

new hood black cloth
new fuel tank
new filler neck
mk2 16v 19mm balljoints
mk2 16v front hubs G60 new bearings
gilrling 60 twin pot  calipers carriers
vauxhall meriva 280x25mm 4x100 pcd vented disks machined out 
mk2 16v supper sport coilovers and top mounts
mk2 16v rear disk conversion including one inch stub axle spacers each side
16v fly wheel
new clutch
new braided brake lines/pipes
16v 9" servo/25 mm master cylinder from T4/van
strenghened/reinforced steering rack mounts "welded"
polybushed engine mounts
polybushed steering rack/new track arms
polybushed rear axle
new timming belt
full engine bay refresh i.e all rubber gaskets changed
polybushed front wishbones
rose jointed track rod ends
G60 steelies 195/45/15
flared arches back
Mars red respray original colour

and a direct link to my photo album on photobucket

i will up date as i go along with the conversion lol
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Re: drego786 - mk1 cab
« Reply #2 on: 24 February 2013, 12:35 »
i have now definately decided to go down the 16VG60 route and have totally stripped the G60 blocks and paid and collected a set of Audi S2 pistons for the build...
check my photobucket link as all pics are in there.... :evil:

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