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Snapped locking wheel nut!!

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the bloke who owned my car before me had his alloys cut off cos he couldn't get the nuts undone! bad for him , good for me . brand new gti alloys on a 95 car!

Most tyre places are used to this sort of thing and are able to remove them. I wouldent bother drilling if i were you. In my experience its not worth the hastle time and damage you will do.

^^you know it!!!  nothing like slipping when there is your full weight behind the wheel please...

Mr Blue:
I used a lock nut socket with the 3 holes and wacked them onto the locknut and then used an impact wrench to undo them.

Just get a hammer and punch


The offending wheel nut after i had snapped the locking nut.. :grin: :huh:


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