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Re: Lewy - doors, I has mores
« Reply #10 on: 06 July 2011, 19:35 »
Guess who needs a new L/H front splitter!?  :shocked: :shocked: :angry: :angry: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I'd forgotten that the frickin' MOT station has a severe ramp at it's entrance.

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Re: Lewy - doors, I has mores
« Reply #11 on: 24 August 2011, 23:19 »
Not updated in a while due to fixing little niggles and treating the car to a trip to mainland Europe for MIVW.

Thank god it didn't spend too long in France though, dirty cheese eating surrender monkeys!

Working up to it the front passenger lecky motor decided to stop working.  The motor wasn't genuine (sorry Blue) so hasn't got a drain hole in it, so I drilled one after dropping a litre of water out.

Once this was done, I sold the JL Amps to replace them with a DLS A5 Ultimate 3channel amp which fits a treat in the boot, but this is all to change again soon.

With all the jobs finally done, it was time to mask the front end and get on the road to Holland.

@ Dover

Not me in the picture, my mate Fletch.

On't boat

Unfortunately for my other mate Turk, his alternator pulley decided to shear off his 9n on the ramp to the top deck of the ferry!

So in Belgium we were lucky enough to find a VW dealer with a shelf full of pulleys.

It delayed us somewhat, so we broke the law and arrived at the hotel to a very warm welcome by the one and only Joe..

Next day was car cleaning day.  The Dutch take car washes to a different level, and even a Hyundai got cleaned :shocked: :shocked:

@ the Hotel

A little bit of battle damage repair, as the wheels were just kissing the arch.

Next day was the show, I didn't take my camera but here are JV's

So on the Monday, Joe took us on a lovely tour around Europe, out of Holland, into Belgium and then back into Holland and then the E40 home.

Got to the services close to Dunkirk, everything was fine.  Got to the ferry terminal and my coolant level light came on.  Upon looking, it turned out my rad was leaking a little.  Ah well I thought, I'll whack some tap water in from the baot and we'll be reet.

Got off the boat in Blighty and lasted as long as the exit ramp!

It was terminal.  The rad had leaked all over the deck on the boat, and was goosed.

Blue taped the towing eye, called recovery, went home.

And it currently looks like this.

Now waiting for the bits to return from refurb so I can drive it again.

More to come soon.

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Re: Lewy - doors, I has mores
« Reply #12 on: 10 September 2011, 19:25 »
Got the motherhubbarding condensor fitted after the 3rd one supplied actually looking like it will fit.  Strange to see that even VW list a LHD version.  :shocked:

So after spending a few minutes swearing, as it needed to be modified slightly, it was in and plumbed in ready to be re-gassed on Monday at work.  I filled the rad with coolant and fired it up ready to bleed.  Needless to say with a brand spanking rad and fresh coolant the temperature doesn't get anywhere it did before, or before it decided to ditch the old coolant at Dunkirk/in the English Channel!!

After bleeding the system I then decided to take it to work to prepare for next weeks activities, them being:

1, Replace manifold with brand new Milltek 4branch, of which is fully heat wrapped.
2, Replace all exhaust rubbers.
3, Polish rear box and tips.  :rolleyes:
4, Re-fit front bumper.
5, Lower it a bit more
6, Re-attach rear arches due to the tyres coming into contact with them in Holland  :laugh:

Plus a full detail as it's been getting dusty over the past few weeks sat in the garage.

Oh bugger, forgot to tell you that I finally got round to modifying and fitting the 2/3rd height rear headrests.  I decided to fit smaller versions as they seem to be more fitting with the rest of the interior, that and the fact that you can't see anything out of the rear window with full size versions!!

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Re: Lewy - doors, I has mores
« Reply #13 on: 01 October 2011, 21:28 »
Okay, so another update.

After getting the car to work, the fun of fitting the freshly wrapped 4branch started.  The last time I fitted one, and removed one was when I put the engine in the Oak Green, but as I'm not alien to the ripped knuckles and scratched forearms, I thought I'd give it a bash.  God knows why people cry about changing the Mk2 manifold, all you need to do is drop the front crossmember and away you go, it was all changed within 40 mins.

But.....the biggest problem was the smoke being emitted from the new wrap, my boss thought it was on fire so he popped over with an extinguisher, only to be told to piss off back to his office and file something!


Sorry no pictures of changing the manifold as my battery was dead, but after having a TSR on the old car, the new Milltek isn't half as loud as the old one, so I think next years trip to MIVW will be without the added bonus of tinitus.

Also popped along to Players in North Weald.

^Cheers Turk/MJ

And a few randoms by the crib.

Have now ditched the white plate for a legal yellow, but still no front one..... :evil:


Next up is:-

Lower all round,
Complete LED dial/switch re-furb,
Rebuild door pods due to my Audioscapes being newer, crapper versions,
Mk4 rear calipers and braided hoses for the rear,
etc etc etc

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Re: Lewy - doors, I has mores
« Reply #14 on: 11 September 2012, 21:51 »
Wow, i haven't updated this for nearly 12months, so hold your horses!

Since my last update a few things have changed, I got these badgers for the sum of bugger all...

Ibiza Cupra R 305mm Brembo's, pads, discs and braided hoses, followed by...

Brand new Mk4 calipers, Mk2 discs, pads, back plates, and braided rear end, inc conversion pipes.

I also changed all of the engine mounts for brand new genuine mounts, just because I could.  :cool:

In March I was sent to the Falklands for my sins, so before I went I ordered this...

I managed to save an absolute fortune on it thanks to Barrack Obama and his amazing people in the USAF as they don't pay VAT or import duties, much like the BFPO system operates for the British Armed Forces. Sean, I still owe you!!  :wink:

Another thing that i did whilst I was away was has the misfortune of dealing with Carl Shakespeare of Studio In Car (1st mistake (SIC aka Sh1t Install Company)).  I employed him to do me a boot install to accomodate a JL 10W6 my DLS A5 amp my air tank and compressors.  Upon my return to the UK in early July, Carl said it was ready for collection, and as I had paid him whilst I was still with the penguins (2nd mistake), I toddled off to Portsmouth to his 'unit' to collect it.

The place was a dump!  I don't know why I employed this scruff bag in the first place and didn't just ask for my money back straight away, but I thought that because people on Edition38 blow smoke up his arse constantly because of his work, I decided not to (3rd mistake).  So I collected up all of the bits, and a natty bit of carpet and some half arsed door builds wiped my feet on the way out of his hovel, and headed over to Trimdeluxe for a good slagging about the fat jockey with me ol' mucker Joe...

When I got home I tried to fit the install...

Didn't he do well!? :shocked: :rolleyes:

Nothing fitted,  and it was all bodged!  I got told that this was all modelled in another Mk2, of which must've had a heavy shunt in the rear, as there was no way it was going to fit.  The sub box was also a joke.  It was made from 18mm front MDF baffle with a fibreglass rear end.  Well....the fibreglass was so thin and non-existant in places that I could see the ground when took it out of the car at home.  There were pin prick holes all over it, and would no way stand the pressure movement of a W6...

When he told me to bring it down and he would sort it he was met with a rather frustrated reply from me of why should I have to bring it the 300 mile round trip back to have it bodged to fit?  He even tried to tell me that I had fitted it wrong, I mean, I've been an engineer for 22yrs, I know when a square peg won't fit in a round hole!

The guy is a complete moron with no concept of quality control, but needless to say I wasn't going to let this little prick get to me, and anyway what I paid him for it, I make in a few days!

So out came the Isopon..

It was easy to get right, so why it wasn't done in the first place is beyond me.

The next thing was the boot floor, as he hadn't built the false floor properly either - shock horror :shocked: :rolleyes:

So again, I re-did that...

And this is how the boot currently stands, with this underneath...

And this being the controller mounted just above the rear view mirror...

To allow it to do this...

And what do points mean...

10 of the best watercooled at VW Action.
Spec consists of:

Engine & transmission
184k with massive amounts of history.
Milltek 4 branch manifold (heat wrapped).
Milltek full stainless system (replicates the OE 16v tailpipes).
Brand new genuine VW engine mounts.
New dizzy due to slight oil leak in 2011.
New rad fitted 2011.
Factory fit aircon, condenser, evaporator and refrigerant replaced 2011.
Ultra-violet Corrado/Golf hybrid Recaro's with fully serviceable motors in both seats (MINT).
Rear headrests, modified to ¾ size as normal size versions look like breezeblocks!
Roof lining, A, B & C pillars, sunvisors and door mirror covers all re-trimmed in an OE style cloth by Trimdeluxe.
Steering wheel, gear and handbrake gaitor trimmed in grey leather with Ultra-violet stitching by Trimdeluxe.
Brand new ‘Newton Commercial’ carpet.
Map lights built into interior light panel.
Votex centre console with flocked centre panel and rare CD holder.
As it has the factory fit a/c, the glovebox and both dash undertrays are flocked.
All four door runner plastics are half flocked to go with the rest of the car.
4x Electric windows, rear switches are just placed in the doors and not connected, so my 6yr old couldn’t play with them!
Mk2 Granada map lights integrated into interior light/sunroof panel.
Alpine 9833r Mp3 headunit with iPod lead.
DLS A5 3 channel amp.
JL Audio C5-650 components in rebuilt OE door pods covered in grey vinyl.
JL Audio 10W6 subwoofer – as you’ll see from my project thread, the whole enclosure and door pods fit properly now after a few days of fettling!
Dynamatted doors, front, rear floor panels and rear turrets.
4awg Knuconceptz wiring kit.

Clifford Concept 650 cat1 alarm with cert.
Delocked doors and boot.
Boot lock on popper and Clifford fob.
Suspension & Brakes
Airlift V2 Management with controller being housed above the rear view mirror.
Airlift Slam series bags and shocks all round.
¼” pipework used throughout, and is heat sleeved where it gets anywhere near the exhaust (overkill!).
0.5degree camber shims on the rear.
Front wishbones fully poly bushed, also have the front x-member bushes too, just haven't fitted them.
Brand new SEAT Brembo 305mm 4pot front set up, pads, discs, calipers and carriers along with new HEL braided hoses.
Brand new Mk4 rear set up, pads, discs, calipers, conversion hoses, and powdercoated back plates.
Wheels & Tyres
BBS RS 131 & 132’s rebuilt with powdercoated barrels in an anthracite grey and the centres in an original BBS silver. 
New Radinox 1.5” dishes all round, new stainless steel nuts and bolts. 
Barrels swapped around to make the wheels 9” front, and 9.5” rear, fitted to the car using H&R adaptors.
Tyres are 205/40’s front and 215/35 rear Falken 912’s which have done around 1500 miles.
Full repaint carried out in 2011 by Timmy Ansell of True Paintworks in Leicester to an awesome finish.  Work carried out:- removal/smoothing - rear panel seams, rear badge holes, aerial hole from wing, 3rd wiper hole from scuttle, towing eye cover from rear bumper.  Tim actually commented that this is one of the cleanest Mk2's that he had even painted, saying that there was a tiny bit of corrosion where the side sill screws to the sill, needless to say he sorted it.
New genuine front wings, door rub strips, G60 arches, side skirts, passenger mirror delete, and pattern VW Heritage bumpers and front splitter.
Interior floor stripped to check for corrosion and painted in 2010. 
Fully undersealed. 
Brand new front and rear screens after paint too. 

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Re: Lewy - Doors, I has mores. Air, I has too......
« Reply #15 on: 31 December 2012, 23:46 »
Now back on Hella 16v rears and quad front end.

Much better...

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Re: Lewy - Doors, I has mores. Air, I has too......
« Reply #16 on: 28 March 2013, 15:27 »
Fitting new headunits in the freezing cold isn't fun! :cry:

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Re: Lewy - Doors, I has mores. Air, I has too......
« Reply #17 on: 09 May 2013, 12:20 »
Looking for insurance...

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Re: Lewy - Doors, I has mores. Air, I has too......
« Reply #18 on: 10 June 2013, 10:10 »
Scooped 2nd Best Mk2 at Stonor Park!

Major changes due at the end of the year...

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Re: Lewy - Doors, I has mores. Air, I has too......
« Reply #19 on: 30 August 2013, 19:54 »
MOT'd for another 12mths with only slight play in the osr wheel bearing.

Fitted new genuine mirrors without the adjuster, as I've never adjusted them in 4yrs, and taped it up and fitted its boobie holder...

IMAG0105 by Lewy2202, on Flickr