Author Topic: Pierburg 2e2 carb FAQ  (Read 72531 times)

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Re: Pierburg 2e2 carb FAQ
« Reply #20 on: 17 August 2009, 09:51 »
there is a picture on the 1st page, the co adjusting screw is clearly labled :)

however I dont think its a mixture issue if it wont rev, id say you have a problem with the timing or a bad missfire. maybe something more serious wrong with the carb that a badly adjusted mixture screw. if you take the airbox off check the flap on the top is free to move, it should be closed when cold then gradually open as the car warms up.  Also check all the vac hoses carefully, especially the one round the back to the stage 2 vacuum unit
Hello my name is John and I'm a dub addict.

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Re: Pierburg 2e2 carb FAQ
« Reply #21 on: 17 August 2016, 08:39 »

Thank you very much for your postings on this issue.

My wife has a 1990 Golf Clipper mark 1 which has been off the road for a year.  Prior to that, it only did 200 miles a year !! but it worked perfectly.  Only 59,000 miles since new.

After an unexpected 12 month shut down, it started idling at 1,800 RPM.  At first I thought it was the expansion element but, after reading your post on the front page, I felt the auto choke - stone cold even after 20 minutes idling (at 1,800 RPM).

Looks like the coolant channel is blocked.  Repairing it is way beyond me so a visit to a trustworthy garage (we live in Cyprus so finding one who is familiar with Peirburgs is not so easy.)