Author Topic: Dan's N5T LO daily - VR6 Turbo build starting #95  (Read 78523 times)

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Re: Dan's N5T LO daily - VR6 Turbo build starting #95
« Reply #980 on: 25 April 2012, 17:29 »
The block to alex carrs  :grin:

I dont fancy coming to a meet in Hull and then setting off to bloody Scotland  :grin:
Not sure when the next one is but if you dont get your block to Carrs beforehand gimme a shout and i will come over to Hull earlier and sling it in the boot of her mk4 and take you down there. :cool:

Im going Supercharger route. :wink:

Haha thought you meant post them down together :D but yeah that's cool man, they shut at 5pm week days so just let me know :) might do them a little cheaper if we take both in?

Sweet man :) what sort of power you thinking?

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Re: Dan's N5T LO daily - VR6 Turbo build starting #95
« Reply #981 on: 25 April 2012, 17:39 »
I was thinking it might be cheaper taking 2 in but im not sure i will get 2 blocks in her mk4 without her going tits ha ha But she doesnt need to know ;)

Im only going for 350-400bhp as anything else is a bit hard to keep on the road even with a peloquin in.Then im sticking a wet direct port of nitrous in as i still have some gear left over from my 300zx drag car and i reckon it will be cool for sh!ts and giggles.
Just means i will need a standalone ecu so i can have 2 maps installed.

Just looking for a box so i can start stripping it and rebuilding it with better components and a decent diff.

Got loooads of parts i still need though ha ha Not even sure if i can keep my subframe yet.