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I Love My Golf I love My Golf I love My Golf .......
« on: 20 February 2011, 16:53 »
.... Even if it hates me!!

I am off to the Lakes in a couple of weeks so thought i'd get some jobs done ready!

I dropped a pipercross panel filter in it, and replaced the alternator belt! good start, then I jacked it up to change the dog bone, only for the last bolt to sheer off in the subframe! The mount was siezed onto the remainder of the bolt and in the end I had to get the cutter under there and cut the mount up the side of the stud and chisel it off ! I managed to get the stud out and fitted the new mount, and although there was masses of play in the old one there is still masses of movement on the garbox side and all the movement has torn the airbox rubbers ( need some if anyone knows a part number!), so i've ordered a gearbox mount now too!

So I moved to the back of the car to change the discs and pads, only to find a leaking brake pipe and a caliper that's seen better days, with a piston that really didn't want to go back in no matter what I did, and another quick job took feckin ages  :sad:.

I moved to the other side and that piston when straight back in no worries and the change took about 15 mins, but i'm not convinced by the pipe on that side either!

So I went to adjust the handbrake only to have the first caliper now siezed grrrrr!!! oh what fun!! so i'm gonna find another caliper as i've got to have the pipe off that side!

Does anyone have a part numbed for the rear brake pipes that mount on the calipers?

Oh and I found the back box has split open on the side, so as well as the break on the flexi on the downpipe it's on it's way at the back too, so that exhaust I was trying not to buy is gonna have to be bought now too  :cry:

But I still Love my Golf  :grin:
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