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MK1 Cab Checklist When Buying 18/01/2011
« on: 27 February 2005, 10:16 »
MK1 cab and what to look for when buying

1.) Does the register keeper have all MOT's and if there are any breaks check if the mileage adds up.
2.) Has there been any welding done under the seal behind the floor plan? Water gets trapped between the clipper kit and chassis that?s why there is a clear vinyl plastic lining that goes all the way around?
3.) What needed fixing on the last two MOT's
4.) Does the gear box grind or slip out of gear?
5.) When was the cam belt done last?
6.) Is there any VAG history and when was it up to?
7.) What kind of roof is it plastic or Mohair? (VAG or aftermarket).
8.) Is the Kharman Clipper kit metal or fibre glass? Check badges to see if they are newer than the body work. i.e a bit to shiny as if they have stuck the badge on a kit.?
9.) Any rust spots near the fuel tank or arches? If there is you can buy plastic parts since the early days of steel rusty housings. A good point o remeber on some Gti clippers they suffer from rust entering into the swirl pots and cloggin up the injectors and this is why some kangaroo under load.
10.) Has it had a respray and where was it done?
11.) Why are you getting rid of it?
12.) Make sure the car is cold before you test drive it and make sure it's at full running temp when you turn it off. Keep an eye out for over heating a pump noises from petrol tank and front of engine!
13.) Once happy with all of that, sit in the car and get the guy to put a watering whose over the car and check for water rubber leaks on the liner! Be warned the rubber seals can cost up to £100 each yes the rubber seal between door and hood near the quarter glass panel cost £80.00.
14.) Do all the standard checks such as white scum under the oil cap, rust on the filler neck! Any filler work on the body work!
15.) Contact the previous buyer if any for details of history see if it matches the new owner?s comments.
16.) Brakes and upgrades if any was it from a reputable company you might see an Audi 80 coupe conversion if you see bigger brakes this will add value as the upgrade is worth doing for stopping power!
17.) Make sure all electrical dials and switches function?
18.) Suspension make sure it hasn?t be lowered too low and arches have been fouled in anyway?
19.) Water pumps are temperamental if left standing for long periods of time so check condition for leaks and water marks on the unit?
20.) Look for signs of oil from the rocket cover if it's a small leak you might get lucky and only need a new rocker head gasket. If there is a lot of oil middle of the top and bottom ends and she smokes 1000 a day it could be a breather hose or a worn piston ring. Trust me if she smokes blue then leave it. It can be costly to you as it will need investigating and skimming on the head gasket.
21.) If it's an injected model check she does not cut out at lights when running hot it could have faulty injectors or something worse like ECU either way it will cost.!
22.) Make sure the electric Hood runs smoothly and the window motors are costly if need to replace.
23.) When your sitting in the car make sure you ask the guy if he will let you throw water or a watering hose over the hood to check for leaks.! If he refuses then it leaks!
24.) Carpets moulds are cheaper to buy from the states so don?t worry about condition of interior unless the bolsters are worn beyond repair. Leather seats can push the price up or down because of the retriming costs involved (depends if you're buying or selling). £140 VAG £450 special order.!
25.) Gear boxes are real problem for people who don't understand how they work internally. Simple rules grinding and bits of metal comming out of the oil sump nut is bad sticking gears or "the comman second gear mother****** get in" is not a faulty box but rather than a dodgy sticking gate selector or missing rod bolt not all lost.! Can be repaired easily.! But Autoboxes are another pain VAG designed it so it would compensate for wear at the cost of rubber gaskets dropping into the mechanism's. Common on all auto boxes around 85-90's. You will notice significant gear box oil usage hence the dip stick for oil on your auto boxes. The bottom line is auto boxes are great at 90,000 miles beyond your lucky without having to top up oil or replace gaskets!
26.) If you hear squeeking noises from the suspension it might just be bushes you can allways get a crow bar and move the bushes rubber mounts and check they are not perished, but not costly to change.
Final notes generally these cars should be garaged so see if the seller has one because rust is the ultimate killer on these cars. If the car gets driven only every three months when the sunshine comes out it means any parts that have water flowing through them is going to cause sediment hence the water pump and radiators tend to get clogged.

 This is just a guide So bring a mate along because on the day before you go and buy one, all you will see is what you want to see, rather than your mate who is slating your new motor to be. Trust your mate he isn't the one that is bias.! he could even get it cheaper for you :laugh:
My rules are if the car does not make 70% of the questions asked then be prepared to have at least £700 to fix the problems.! :cry:

Cheers if this guide is crap I'm sorry but I have owned about 5 golfs from 1980 to 2000. MK1 to MK4. We won't mention MK3's :evil:

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Re: MK1 cab checklist when buying
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I think that this is a fairly useful list of things to look for so thanks jay and I've made it sticky.? :smiley:
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Re: MK1 cab checklist when buying
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so should i have covers over my cam belt and drive belt have ?:undecided:1.8 k-jet engine i think top cover is there but nothing on the bottom :embarassed:

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Re: MK1 cab checklist when buying
« Reply #3 on: 18 March 2005, 16:48 »
Here is another top guide for mk1's:-

That is part 5 of 6, however parts 1 to 4 are also well worth a read and for you mk2 owners, part 6 :wink:

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Re: MK1 cab checklist when buying
« Reply #4 on: 12 September 2005, 12:58 »
thats a spot on guide mate well worth the read especially for sum1 like me who is looking to buy a mk1 golf  :laugh:

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Re: MK1 cab checklist when buying
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Another guide here, well found Dinx. :wink: officially dubless.

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Re: MK1 cab checklist when buying
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Very good review. .
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