Author Topic: Where do people order their oem parts (online) ?  (Read 1203 times)

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Where do people order their oem parts (online) ?
« on: 11 January 2011, 10:36 »
I need some oem parts, local dealers are not an option, i live away in the middle east and shipping from the UK is cheap.

- AC ducting  (SM0819633)

- Cup holder (1K0862531 71N)

I have been looking around a lot and trying to install this soon, hopefully.

Thanks!  :cool:

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Re: Where do people order their oem parts (online) ?
« Reply #1 on: 11 January 2011, 16:15 »
As you live abroad the only suggestion I can think of quickly would be to log into and have a look for a seller called dsgwagen who is a member of some VW forums also. This member works in a VW parts department and has run an ebay shop for some years so will be fimiliar with posting stuff all around the place no doube.
I've often found with VW dealer that even helpful parts people will sometimes struggle with being able to post stuff out as they not only have to organise a courier but also securely package parts up.

Here's a link to one of his auctions to save you a bit of time finding him

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