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Charity for 11-12
« on: 08 January 2011, 01:26 »
Hey guys, just a quick request for a choice of charity for the 11-12 period. Its for the MS Trust (1088353) and is a massive thing for me. Its an very very common illness and is never really publicised so would be awesome to get behind it.
My mum has had MS now for around 12 years and its not nice. Unlike cancers and things there is literally no known cure and suffers of the illness seem to be simply passed from physio to doctor to therapist and back to physio and real research needs to go into it. Im not too sure how you pick the charity but considering this choice would be awesome.

Cheers, Sam

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Re: Charity for 11-12
« Reply #1 on: 08 January 2011, 09:09 »
Good call there caister, think jv normally just chooses but certainly worth airing preferences eh!!
I have no real preference tbh, so as long as we make lots of money it's all good!

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