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« on: 17 December 2004, 21:38 »
It is a great shame that Gaz (kniterider) called it a day on here. He is one of the good friends I have made through the site and his PR skills at organising meets have been superb. His efforts will be missed.

This is a message from Gaz:

Right folks, i know many of you have wondered why i have deleted my account from, so i thought id better put a few things straight........

Kniterider (Gaz,me) was a member of from may 2003, in that time i have made/met many many sound peeps all into the same thing and all brought to the forum for the same reasons (generally a love for vw's golfgti, but vw's as a whole), ive been to shows, organised succesfull meets and had a whale of a time, but as of lately various people spoil things, maybe the site is a victim of its own success i dunno, but when threats and other things are said and done to other people it gets my back up, I was always brought up to be a bully or be bullied, so if anything kicks off with people i consider friends then i feel obliged to step in (as i would for any of my friends). This however has caused for my address to be published on the internet, now i have kids and what was posted with my address was blantently a 'piss take' but as I said I have kids, and the thought of people shoving nasty stuff through my letter box outraged me, if not more so.So I have taken relevent steps to sort this, officially and un officially, due to my way of doing things unofficially i therefore deleted my account at as i wish them not to be associated with me with and what ever is being done.

This means in NO WAY that i have fallen out with JV,rich,ads, etc but it means i shall no longer be takin part in the show, as they say all good things must come to and end so i suppose now maybe a good time.And for all those 'nobbers' that think i have done this to get sympathy members to my forum you are WRONG this was not the way i intended to go out.

Long Live vw

for those that wanna know where I am, theres a link on the 'homepage' yes thats right folks i have a official link here, no snidey backstabbing pm's going on here.

if not was nice knowing you all, will see you about at many of the vw/shows/meets im attending next year.

Gaz (kniterider)

sorry do you want my address?????.................


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