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Intermittent passenger window switch.
« on: 29 September 2014, 20:37 »
If anyone has had issues with the passenger side door switch for the window  becoming intermittent I have the solution. For the past 2 months the passenger door switch on occasion would not work. Worked perfectly from mission control (drivers side control switch) but was a bit hit and miss from the passenger side, although usually rectified with a belt from the missus! Clearly something was a bit loose.

Use the various guides around to remove the door card. It's a 5 minute job. Remove the switch unit from the housing in the door card. with a very small flat screwdriver, gently pry apart the switch (not the rocker end, visible from the car), but the side where the plug is.

You will see a tiny pcb (printed circuit board) with three pins which engage with the socket part of the wiring loom. Gently prise off the pcb. It's only a push fit on, nothing to worry about. The pins in question are just a push fit into the pcb, not even soldered! mine were wobbly and clearly not making a good and consistent contact.

Using a small soldering iron, i just soldered them into place on the pcb. Bit fiddly, wouldn't use a big soldering iron, but worth a go. If it doesn't work, at least its not cost anything....

All sorted for zero ££££. I have no idea how much a switch is, let alone labour, but 45 mins working out what to to do has to be a result.