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Re: Creaky clutch cable.....
« Reply #10 on: 30 March 2010, 22:49 »
Had the same and left it, after 2 years the release arm that someone referred too earlier gave in (76k so maybe its expected?) behind the green cap of the gearbox. Changed the arm and clutch for good measure. Anyway with the clutch cable out I sprayed loads of Castrol DWF stolen from work and sprayed the gearbox end of the cable holding it high up so the oil would travel down, worked the clutch and repeated until the noise was gone :) A month ago it started creaking near the clutch pedal, behind the footwell undertray trim, where theres a spring over a white cone-like object, sprayed that too and its all good now.

If you get a new cable I'd grease it a bit anyway but for a quicky fix you could try that.