Author Topic: Fuse Box Layout  (Read 3867 times)

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Fuse Box Layout
« on: 07 February 2010, 18:58 »
I know that this is the wrong site for my question but I notice some of
you may work for vw?
I have just purchased a VW New Polo for the wife and its blown a fuse on the
12v socket. Having checked the hand book there is no layout as they site the reason as
car being constantly updated? The fuses are below the steering column.
I have checked my GTD/GTI hand book and there is a comprehensive fuse layout numbered etc.
Any of you guys know which fuse its likely to be on the polo??
many thanks for any help.

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Re: Fuse Box Layout
« Reply #1 on: 07 February 2010, 19:56 »
Mate, if it's a new polo, get it back to the stealers and get them to replace the fuse and check everythings ok cos it shouldn't have blew a fuse for no reason. :sad:
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