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Santa pod always seems to be a poor turn out for VW shows compared to the rest!

reminded me of VAGfest last year and i think thats where people are getting confused and comparing them so don't bother going!

Weather i thought was cool, autoumble a little small and the bits i did want were well overpriced with scene tax and wasn't a bit surprised he didn't sell one bit and pack it all back into his van!

best part for me was the almost 20 car convy and a huge local clubstand!

not a sign of things to come i wouldn't of thought as Dubfreeze and Ultimate Dubs were more packed out! also alot of shows are camping which makes more people go.  :smiley:

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it looks like it was not upto the standard this time around. Glad I didn't came  :rolleyes:

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for someone playing the track action was awesome, but as a spectator booooring

doesn't help that the quick cars now get treated nice by santa pod for there lifestyle events but not for this so the faster cars stayed away, shame really

but anyone who had a go and enjoyed it, and fancied some more come race with the VWDRC  :evil:

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Turn out for this last year was on a different level to this year with the queue being out the gate to get in,so I was shocked when I turned up to what was almost a deserted Santa pod,no queue what so ever!
There where some nice cars there and dizzy rascals is always quite entertaining,also first time putting my car in the show and shine (which I only did coz I didn't want to park in the field) but overall I think the show was ruined by mothers day and I'm sure next year it will be back on par!

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tbh Early Edition may have killed this a little?

...can't make that now either !


... it's turned into a fashion show for poofters.

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The show wasnt bad but turn out wasnt to good numbers were down, still some good cars to see but just shows you how hard times are with rising petrol and people noting having spare money anymore for events like this.I also think £15 is steap it should be no more than a tenner..
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wasnt the best show but was gd for track time i got about 15 runs in