Author Topic: Mk3 Golf fibreglass subwoofer enclosure. Loads of boot space left over!!  (Read 14489 times)

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this is just to raise awareness of my new product. If your into your car audio and own a mk3 golf this will be right up your street. They're fibreglass speaker enclosures which fit the contours of your car perfectly eliminating the need for a huge bass box taking up all that valuable space. I am currently selling them on ebay, titled 'Mk3 Golf custom fibreglass sub enclosure / bass box'. The reason I started making these is because I really wanted one for my car but no where sold one that actually looked half decent. I've worked with fibreglass in the past so decided I would make some, in my opinion they look far better then the ones available.


Thanks for looking!

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try audio section chap  :wink:

there are others available on the market too

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Or build your own!  :smug:
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^^^ Yep.

1x old wardrobe door
1x roll carpet


Total cost = £7  :smiley:
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Bloody hell!!!!!!!!!!

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i dont like the side ones really and if i prefer boxes to be carpet, rather than fibreglass.

good luck with the sales m8 :)

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do you do these for a golf mk2 by any chance?

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i prefer carpeted boxes too - ill get a pic of my build up later

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The box looks cool, but would suggest doing carpeted versions too, to match the boot carpet. It's not so invasive then. :)