Author Topic: 1995 Golf Gti 16v - central locking----->HELP!!!!!  (Read 1048 times)

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Hello i have just purchased a mk3 1995 Golf Gti 16v, and i only got 1 key with the car and it has a button in the middle of it for the light so u can c in the dark. but does this car normally have a remote central locking or has it always been just the key ??? as i dont like using the key to open the car!!! can any1 help me please!!!!!

and 1 more thing...........

the golf i purchased has a toad alarm fitted but has been disabled but i didnt get the fob or the Immobiliser fob aswell, does any1 know wot i can do so i can reactivate it.

i hope some1 can help me!!!


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Re: 1995 Golf Gti 16v - central locking----->HELP!!!!!
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My P Reg gti 8v didnt come with a Fob. It had an imobiliser chip inside the key, I open mine with the key. its pants i know, but if you really want it sorting. You could go to an auto electrician/Alarm place and ask them if they can make you a fob to work your alarm system. Should be an easy task for them.
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