Author Topic: Will pick it up this month!  (Read 1096 times)

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Will pick it up this month!
« on: 09 July 2009, 20:44 »
Hey guys,

My 3rd post here. Thanks for all your inspiration! I will pick up my MKVI GTI this month! Reading here keeps my mind at ease until D-Day.

My configuration was a bit of a coincidence, as I didn't want to wait untill october delivery. Instead, I choose to buy a car that could be delivered from the incoming importers' stock. And suddenly delivery time was 4 weeks....

It will be a reflex silver 5-door, DSG, 18" Monza's, RN510, multi media box, phone module and rear PDC (which will be installed by the dealer). Actually I am quite happy, would have liked Xenon, but hey: can't have it all..... I love the tartan cloth, so leather wasn't an option for me anyway. Carbon grey would have been my first choice, but I think I will like the easy-blend-in, not-too-flashy silver as well.

I testdrove the beast some weeks ago and I think I will need all my mental power to keep myself from driving it like a madman the first weeks. It's a great car and I cannot wait to get it out on the road!

I will post pics as soon as possible!


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Re: Will pick it up this month!
« Reply #1 on: 09 July 2009, 20:51 »
My dealer showed me a list of available cars, but there was nothing really close to what I wanted.  This is my first new car in over 11 years, and I'm prepared to wait for what I want.

Congratulations!  Pics at once, and tell us how she runs.  Especially tell us about the DSG - the nay-sayers seem mostly to be people who haven't tried it!