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This guide is currently in development and can people pm me any picture's, info etc that i have missed....and will be updated very shortly!

This is a guide to remapping/chipping the mk3...
Each engine code comes with it’s own specific ecu and a performance chip should be specific to the ecu for best performance. Another thing to remember is post 95 car's also have the immobiliser built into the ecu, and a new ecu is £££ (so you really don't want to fry it!! as it's not as simple as buying a new ecu from ebay etc) 
The guide is taken from various sources and hopefully is correct?

The common ecu number's (this list may not be 100% accurate)

8 Valve (2E)     92 on Bosch Digifant          :5WP 4 064 :::::::::::037 906 024 B
                                                           : 5WP 4 122 ::::::::::037 906 024 D
                     93 on                              : 5WP 4 151 ::::::::::037 906 024 AG
          ADY     94 Siemens                       : 5WP4 160  ::::::::::037 906 025  A/E/                       
          AGG     95 on Siemens                   : 5WP4 204 :::::::::::037 906 025 H
                                                           : 5WP4 256 :::::::::::037 906 025 R              
16 Valve ABF   91-94 Bosch KE Motronic     : 0 261 000 852/3:::::8A0 907 404                          
                    92 on Siemens Digifant        : 5WP 4 066 :::::::::::037 906 024 G
                            Bosch Digifant           :  5WP 4 133::::::::::::037 906 024 AB
                    95 on  Siemens Digifant      : 5WP 4 237 ::::::::::::037 906 024 AE
                                                         : 5WP 4 304 ::::::::::::037 906 024 BE      
VR6 2.8 (AAA) 91  Bosch Motronic 2.7      :0 261 200 495/496:::::021 906 258 A
                   92 on Bosch Motronic 2.7    :0 261 200 491/492:::::021 906 258 CB
                                                         : 0 261 203 568/568:;::021 906 258 CH
                   92 on Bosch Motronic 2.9    : 0 261 203 116/117::::021 906 258 AF
                   94 on Bosch Motronic 2.91   :0 261 203 222/223 ::::021 906 258 BM
                   95 on  Bosch Motronic 3.8   :0 261 203 968/969:::: 021 906 256

The big problem with chipping the mk3 ecu is how the chip is fitted, some are simple push fit, some are soldered to the board and others have a metal protective plate.  And there dosen't seem to be a definate answer on what year's, what engine's etc have what type of chip (and looking at the number of ecu's I'm not surprised!)

The 2 type's of chips are listed below.....
Some ECUs have a 44pin "PLCC" chip.  These are always in sockets.   
This is very hard to install without the correct tools. The PLCC chips need hot air on all four sides to get it out safe with out ripping the pads off the ecu.

Other ECUs use 28pin push fit "DIP" chips.   Some DIP chips are socketed, some are soldered directly to the board.
But even some socketed chips can be covered with a metal cover plate with 4 sides. This clipped into upright pieces joined onto the circuit board by clips that you need to prise apart.

RS components do the DIP socket holder to make the chip a push fit,  Hot air or an iron with built in vac sucker is needed to get a 28pin dip clean out, you will be there all day with a basic 50w iron and braid.

Fitting information.
very good guide
8 Valve upto 95
8 Valve 95 on
16 Valve  

Or the sites own Nick from R-Techs guide
This shows a PLCC chip being installed
To get the new remapped file on to the ECU we need to open it up and remove chip, in this case it was a square PLCC44 pin chip which requires a lot if skill. We then read the information from chip so we can compare with our tuned file and make sure the checksumms and software is correct for the ecu and engine set up. We will then write the new tuned file to a brand new flash chip and resolder in to the ecu.
the map software will need to match your current software version, so it is a bit of guess work??  If the software is wrong you will have issues and the chip will need to come back out again

We then open and locate the chip with the map information

Then with years of skill the chip is lifted with hot air and a vacuum pump.

The Chip is then read

Then the read information is check against the remap file

The new chip taking the new remapped file

The chip is re-mounted in to the ecu and tested


R-Tech 01455 619 854 telephone:

Powerchips technology (as seen on ebay)
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Re: Chips with everything..... Remapping guide for the Mk3 models
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Thought I had best update this with R-Tech's current prices....

MK3 CHIP TUNE SESSIONS = £150 Petrol Models
VR6 REMAP  £195


and for Feb there's a free Pipercross panel filter offer too.....
Check the link or

and some recent quotes from the boys

do you deal with mk3 tdi?  I'm running the 90bhp AHU and what kind of price are we looking at?
Also, is it a retune of the original ECU or do you provide and program a chip?

We can do your Mk3 no problem,The remap will be via chip editing and not OBD tuning. It will be file based on the infomation on your current chips, not a mis-matched all for one map.  Your ECU should have a pair of PLCC chips in side which can only be read and nor re-written to, We will need to read the chips and use brand new flash based chips to write the mapped information back to.

Your looking at around £200 all inc.   Gains should be around 25bhp 30Nm.


What can be done with a ABF 16v? Mapping wise?

Hello m8,

Around 8bhp-10bhp 9nm-13nm peak, sharper throttle, smoother torque. Overall the car will feel crisper and you could gain up to 6bhp 10nm acorss the whole rpm range.    IMO at the R-Tech price it is worth doing. 

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