Author Topic: Mk3 Issues.... A guide to the common faults and fixes  (Read 165400 times)

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Re: Mk3 Issues.... A guide to the common faults and fixes
« Reply #20 on: 28 October 2013, 17:47 »
if you wanna pick our brains give us some more bloody information mate.

the 3 2 litre 8v engines in the mk3 are quite different from each other. the 2e will just stop if the hall sender is faulty, whereas ady, agg will keep running (albeit probably will go into fault mode).

you could also have immobilizer with cold solder spots that fails when it gets up to temp. but how do i know if you have one fitted if you don't bother to put which year your car is?


so check which engine code you got and post model year as well.
engine code is on cambelt cover, 1st page in service book or service tag in the boot.
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