Author Topic: mk4 1.8T GTi golf revo-remap  (Read 16671 times)

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Re: mk4 1.8T GTi golf revo-remap
« Reply #40 on: 04 January 2009, 09:34 »

You sound tired mate, late night?  :smiley:

nope - bored of this sort of sh!te

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Re: mk4 1.8T GTi golf revo-remap
« Reply #41 on: 04 January 2009, 16:19 »
If you'd bother to read the posts properly, instead of getting a hard-on everytime you see the words 'Civic Type-R'

:rolleyes: Calm down. I sold my Type r over a month ago to get a golf so i cant love them that much. I have a lot of experience with them though as i had it at a few levels of power and remember how it performed standard and modded.

my post was in response to someone saying that a standard CTR would out drag a 220 bhp Mk4 Golf, which I pointed out is 100%, absolutely no arguments, untrue

On paper i would agree a car 20bhp down couldnt win. But 20bhp isnt much and factors such as tyre pressure, passengers or the amount of fuel could affect the outcome! That statement is laughably silly  :smiley:

However, IMO, the CTR has even less steering feel than the Golf.  I sure hope you're not confusing 'grip' with 'handling'??  :afro:

I didnt at any point mention either word 'grip' or 'handling', so not sure where that has come from? :undecided:

Think I just got carried away a bit there!  :D
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