Author Topic: MK3 16v track day mods  (Read 1461 times)

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MK3 16v track day mods
« on: 04 April 2008, 09:49 »
Am off to the nurburgring  :smiley: in july i hope,and also take in a few track days ,so now will have to get on with sorting out the car. Apart from the usual sort of things (lower springs decent shocks polybushes) is there anything else worthwile doing? I still will have to use it for everyday transport so cant get to radical.

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Re: MK3 16v track day mods
« Reply #1 on: 05 April 2008, 08:30 »
I would suggest some uprated anti roll bars like eibach etc, so you can have less body roll without having to go really stiff on the springs and dampers. At least you can have more comfort for the road, then wind up the damper stiffness on the track. The powerflex bushes did help my VR, less squirmy under braking on the front with the front bushes done, although i only did the inner rear bush. I have been told the innner front bush doesnt really wear out, but if you are tracking it i would do both.

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Re: MK3 16v track day mods
« Reply #2 on: 05 April 2008, 10:06 »
strip out as much unnecessary stuff as possible (carpets, sound proofing, dash, seats etc)  and get the weight down - free horsepower.  if you have the cash some dedicated track day tyres or road legal track tyres will give far far better grip.  make sure your brakes are tip top. i am not familiar with mk3 brakes so dont know if there are any cost effective upgrades but certainly make sure your disks are good (if replacing, avoid drilled discs - mine cracked) slap in a set of good pads and carry a spare set to the track. change brake fluid for dot5.1 and invest in a set of braided brake hoses.

make sure nothing leaks and coolant hoses are in good condition. if you drop fluid or oil at the ring and someone then has an accident because of it, you are liable.

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Re: MK3 16v track day mods
« Reply #3 on: 18 April 2008, 16:36 »
what year is your car? If you have 288mm brakes then its a bonus it was late96/97 when they changed.

IF you are keeping it as a daily then just go for a decent set of lowering springs and shocks GMAX are good for the money. I went for cheap as chips coil-overs of ebay which are probably too hard to live with day in day out.

change the top mounts whilst you do them if they haven't been done before. best to just make sure its in really good shape mechanically... poly bushes are a good idea, brake fluid is a must as is braided hoses... new discs and pads also....

there is an obvious theme to all this - make sure you can stop and turn!!! lol

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Re: MK3 16v track day mods
« Reply #4 on: 22 April 2008, 13:59 »
Thanks for the idears,am going for a spax psx kit plus the poly bushes. Have allready put aeroquips on with some good brake fluid . Its a 95 car so it sounds as if it will have the smaller discs,so will see how it goes(could be fun finding out?) . As for the anti roll bars are vr6 ones any thicker?

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Re: MK3 16v track day mods
« Reply #5 on: 29 April 2008, 18:18 »
Nope Vr6 ones are the same as the 16v. I'd recommend upgrading the brakes so you won't get fade problems + you can brake later.
ARBs are well worth it, I'd get some H&R ones as they are thicker and better than the Eibach ones.
Then you should be sorted, other performance mods could be lightened flywheel,powerchip, K&N filter and exhaust if you have the budget.
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