Author Topic: simc66 - "1989 Mk2 8v bought off Fleabay for peanuts"  (Read 6009 times)

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Re: simc66 - "1989 Mk2 8v bought off Fleabay for peanuts"
« Reply #1 on: 15 January 2012, 15:09 »
OK, so the Mk3 16v daily finally succumbed to the dreaded rust, but now the other half's Beetle is back on the road I can use the Colour Concept for that, so it's time for a new toy.

Bought for 700 British pounds off the world's "favourite" auction site.

Good bits
Went through the MOT with sub-£100 worth of work
Only 96k on the clock. Not a huge amount of history with it, but enough MOTs to confirm the mileage as genuine. 
Practically rust free.  Small amount in the usual place on the wiper blank and a scab on the driver's door but otherwise clean on top and underneath.  Guy at the VW specialist who MOTd it (who runs a Mk2 himself) said it was exceptionally clean underneath.
Immaculate interior, not even any bolster wear on the driver's seat.  Rear seats look like they've never been sat on.
Practically new Jetex exhaust, a bit loud/big/chavvy for me but at least I know I'm not going to have to replace it for a while
Engine pulls well and doesn't drop oil or coolant, had an issue with the oil light coming on all the time but that was the sensor
All the electrics apart from one window work fine including the MFA (apart from the MPG, might be a clock issue)

What needs doing
The BBSs are scruffy, they're in good physical nick but need freshening up.  Needs new centre caps.
Minor dent on passenger door, may well push out
Been keyed on rear pass door
Small but deep dent behind rear pass door.
Small amount of lacquer peel, on rear pass door and below the rear bumper.
Sunroof seals are perished (though it doesn't leak)
Usual problem with the gear linkage (i.e. can shove it into reverse by mistake), box is sound otherwise
Had a small dent on the front bumper, that's now a large dent thanks to some idiot in Waitrose - also cracked one headlight and part of the grill  :angry:
Rear pass electric window needs a new switch
A few cosmetic things - gear lever gaiter, rear view mirror, parcel shelf all need replacing

Let's see if I can actually get this one finished  :wink:
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