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Euro car parts trafford park manchester
« on: 10 January 2006, 22:34 »
we deal with euro car parts where i work (we have a account and stuff and the give me quite good discount)

just wondering if there is any point askin if i can set up a discount structure for us guys in the north west

ta martyn

also my mate works at GSF (german swedish and french car parts)  i could ask the same question

oh yea and i know the boss a trafford brake and hose and can get pads/discs really really cheap

i know loads more places for exhausts and various other stuff inc rear lamps (hella etc) which i can get really good deals on

let me know and i will try n get the best prices for u guys n girls

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Re: Euro car parts trafford park manchester
« Reply #1 on: 10 January 2006, 22:52 »
You are welcome to ask but remember we already have a deal setup with Euro Car Parts in Leeds:

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