Author Topic: 3rd brake light strobe gs100a  (Read 2789 times)

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3rd brake light strobe gs100a
« on: 26 June 2018, 23:35 »
Has anyone fitted a strobe controller for their 3rd brake light (rear screen) basically all it does it when you press the brake pedal the 3rd brake light will flash rapidly then slow to 4 flashes then a constant light. Anyway i did and it worked fine only to find out it stopped working. Now it works fine when the ignition is off but wont work after a few presses of the pedal when the engine is running. I know why, its because the 3rd brake light tells you which brake bulb is not working in the tail lights by having 1 end of the led constantly on. Now i have been doing some reading and someone mentioned to put a 470uf capasitor inline. I dont know how to do that but im sure if someone explained how and were to place that capacitor then i can do it. Soldering is not an issue.

I appreciate the help guys.  :nerd:
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