Author Topic: New wheels - looking for opinions re drop height and spacers  (Read 2954 times)

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Hello good people,

I finally got around to picking up a new set of wheels - a second hand set of Oz Superturismo (18x8 ET35 all round) and after I put them on I plan to get the car lowered. The car is bone stock at the moment and I've never done anything like this before, so please bear with me...

My objective is to basically fill the arches and give the car as aggressive a stance as I can without affecting driveability, and bearing in mind these wheels are fairly conservative in terms of width and offset, etc.

With that in mind does anyone have any thoughts on what kind of drop height and spacer size (if any) I should be going for?

From doing a bit of reading I am guessing I should be looking at around 40mm all round?

In terms of spacers, I was thinking of 20mm each side at the rear and possibly 10mm each side up front.

Any thoughts appreciated!

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I have 10mm on the fronts and 15mm on the rears. They could both go an extra 5mm more and would be flush but I am quite low so want to keep it semi practical :wink:

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