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Golf Mk2 C Formel E
« on: 15 October 2016, 23:22 »
Hi All,

I'm a new member, signing up after trolling the old internet and coming across a query on site of what was the C Formel E? One answer thought that it was a model based on the old 1 litre engine and lasted for about a years production. I would have replied direct but I can't find you, so here goes. Well, the answer given you was only  slightly correct. I know, because I had one!

The C Formel E as the name indicates, was the economy model and was produced only for a year or so from UK introduction in 1984. It was noteworthy because at the time it was the first 5 door C type of the car at introduction; the C at that time was only a 3 door.

The C Formel E used the 1272cc engine, developing 55 bhp and used then then cheaper grade 2 star petrol. It had a 4 speed gearbox with high ratio top gear. It also had an economy meter which engaged in top gear with an amber light to recommend changing up, if appropriate. Uniqeley, it employed a stop-start system by way of a switch on the dashboard which could be engaged or otherwise and turned the engine off when stationary (lights for example) and fired up again when the gear lever was moved over to the left hand gate, being spring loaded to the right. Interesting that that idea has come back again, albeit in different way perhaps, for motor manufacturers today.

I easily achieved 44/45 mpg round town, which was outstanding for the time. It was also the first car, I think, to have 10,000 mile service interval.

I have very fond memories of mine. It was my first new company car and was delivered to me in Sutton, Surrey by Mann Egerton, Norwich on the 16th August, 1984. There had been quite a delay in the car coming as Germany had had a steel strike some months before which I recall made international news at the time. I found it quiet, comfortable, solid; head and shoulders quality-wise above competitors at the time. What were a nuisance were the left hand drive wipers; as I recall a 19" on the drivers side and a 14" on the passengers side, so the passenger had a nice clear view whereas the driver had quite a large unswept arc, not changed until the update in '87. I' not sure why; the MK 1's had right hand drive wipers.

I had the car for three and a half years, leaving the firm at the time. They had their cars on lease for 4 years. When it arrived, it was the first MK 2 seen in the firm, causing much interest. Other colleagues followed suit with managers opting for the first (invariably Mars Red and only 3 doors available) GTi's. Mine was sahara beige; not a long lived colour I believe. I somewhat doubt it but B385 PEX, is there any remote possibility that you might still be alive after all this time?!


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Re: Golf Mk2 C Formel E
« Reply #1 on: 16 October 2016, 07:49 »
Put the reg into reg checker, itll tell you if its sorn on the road or sadly scrapped.
Interesting read though and amazing how that texhnology was in a mk2. Cant even get mine to turn off sometimes. Haha