Author Topic: th3_f15t Mk4 V5 "Teeth Cutting" Restoration  (Read 25401 times)

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Re: th3_f15t Mk4 V5 "Teeth Cutting" Restoration
« Reply #40 on: 02 January 2016, 16:53 »
I've managed to get some serious hours into the V5 this weekend, been working on preparing the new V5 170 engine for going into the engine bay, it now has all the coolant and thermostat weak areas addressed, new oil filter, plugs and axillary belt:

Finally, after many, many months, I broke out the engine crane:

It's now officially down and out the car! Milestone reached, there's no going back now:

Began tearing the rest of the wiring loom out, discovered that one bit of it doesn't need to be replaced which was a result, just the main one that needs swapping. It's a mission as it goes everywhere and into the bulkhead, need to find where it separates from the interior loom so I can pull the whole thing out, take it to the scrappy to get a replacement and then wire it back in. Currently looks like this, all disconnected apart from the bulkhead:

Onto stripping the old V5 down and salvaging anything worth restoring and selling on as spare parts:

As I left it today:

Think I can re-condition and sell on the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, cam angle sensor, throttle body, ECU and the stock air box. Even if I only get a few quid (literally) I'd be happier with that than throwing away parts that work. Sadly the engine itself is beyond saving, so many snapped bolts, broken connections and internal corrosion, but still loads of useful information gained by ripping it down to the blocks. Will break it further and at least try and sell the gearbox as that may be of use to someone.

Unlikely I'll do much more now for a few weeks but you never know, I'm highly motivated at the moment to get things progressed and back onto some sort of decent schedule. I have been toying with scrapping it and working on my R32 but decided to carry on for now and go as far as I can without spending much more and assess in a few months time...

Moving over to Flickr, sorry for the broken picture links!