Author Topic: Qaz's Mk4 1.8T Project 300bhp  (Read 19959 times)

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Re: Qaz's Mk4 1.8T Project 300bhp
« Reply #50 on: 07 February 2018, 20:58 »
Not much to report but a small step forward.

Oil cooler has been switched out so car is on the road again. However I am still gonna get the old one pressure tested when I drop down to JNL racing at some point next week. Just to make sure it's the cause and not the fittings. Whilst doing so I changed the oil filter because why not, and topped up the oil a little.

This ones a 13 row, I got impatient and completely forgot mine was a 16 row.

See how the oil is only along half the cooler I am thinking its either split or the loose fitting has allowed the oil

New one fitted and fittings cleaned up.

Additionally got some part worn rears, needed to be done since MOT so finally got round to doing the,

Getting my moneys worth clearly haha.

That is currently it, almost done 600 miles I feel like the engine is run in. Gonna do a few more miles then swap the oil out.

Once again thanks for reading, hopefully another update will be soon!

Pray I get overtime guys  :laugh:

Many thanks,


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Re: Qaz's Mk4 1.8T Project 300bhp
« Reply #51 on: 23 April 2018, 22:36 »
Alright guys, not the biggest update as always. Will explain along the way, so oil cooler started leaking again because I thought it would be a good idea to put the 16 row back on, not sure if the fitting was loose AGAIN or if the fitting needs welding because it's coming loose. However either way 13 row is back on and well it does the job, I may mock up the 16 row to the front of the car at some point for now it isn't a priority. Which got me thinking I had done enough miles on the mineral oil and it was time to put some proper oil in the car.

Comma 5w50, purely because once the car is mapped I am going to be driving it hard and possibly be doing some track days!


Oil filter to compliment of course.

Ok so, got the old mineral nice and hot so it would all come out, took the 16 row off swapped it with the 13 row. Just to make sure all the old oil was out, used the one litre of oil with the sump nut off and literally for one second it was a touch dirty then it was all clean. Best oil I've ever wasted literally just watched it being poured out haha. Then put the sump nut back on and filled it up, oil is very thick and orange-y!

Okay so additionally, I've always wanted to keep an eye on oil temp and oil pressure, I feel like it's almost obligatory in the modified car scene haha, so I went and got matching Newsouth gauges, both mechanical and needle sweep too! If videos work on here I will post one.

Love my view so much, some will notice my oil temp is at 0. Basically my mocal sandwich plate doesn't have anywhere to put my oil temp pressure sensor. So originally the oil temp was going to run off the 5mm allen bolt on the oil filter housing but since there was nowhere on the sandwich plate, pressure is more important so that's taken priority. If anyone knows where I can measure oil temp from apart from the sump nut please do let me know!! I been trying to find a banjo bolt which would allow me to put the thread through but cannot for the life of me find the right size.

Since mapping isn't far I wanted to eliminate as many known issues as possible, so installed the revised recirc valve.

Unfortunately that is all I have at the moment! I am coming to a stage where the car is almost finished and I was going to map it narrowband HOWEVER I think after all this time doing the car it would be best to finish it properly. So I spoke to JP about standalone and wideband, and well I'm not going to tell you the answer. Just make sure you keep reading lol.

Since there hasn't been much to do I have been religiously washing my car and enjoying car meets.

Thanks for reading as always, update coming soon (hopefully). Giving myself the deadline of June 1st for GTi International at Rockingham, let's try get down there people!

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Re: Qaz's Mk4 1.8T Project 300bhp
« Reply #52 on: 30 June 2018, 16:20 »
Ok so it has been a while, a lot of head scratching in regards to mapping the route I wanted to take.

SO had a wideband ECU, loom, coils all the rest of it, drive by wire throttle body etc. Undid the old loom from the engine, coils started looking at the accelerator pedal and they are completely different. Seems the me7.5 bodied cars came with the pedal mounted differently. Did I know this? Absolutely not, so guess what it still hasn't been changed.

Will need a bracket made up and then will have to try again.

In other news though I managed to pick the TT front end up very cheap and did some bits to it.

Subframe, anti roll bar, wishbones, drop links and the hubs!

Wishbones have one side poly bushed already

Dude I got it from was kind enough to throw in the small side powerflex bushes

He even threw in his fully polybushed dogbone mount, mine is only half poly wish the diesel variant bush. While I considered doing the small bush on mine, having this thrown makes life so much easier.

Stripped the frame down took off the anti roll bar, wishbones, hubs and dogbone for a lick of paint.

Black hubs, yellow wishbones.  :cool: :cool: 5 extra bhp per wishbone, yellow being a go fast colour & all.

Not a show car so no I didn't do it a perfect job, but it will do.

Painted the roll bar black to match the hubs, part of me wanted to do it red. Didn't go to get red paint because I thought these would be put onto the day a couple of days later (which didn't happen and is yet to happen!)

Got new hubs too, wanted everything new so I wouldn't have to worry about it. Do it once do it properly...

New bearings to match

And these are Audi TT mk2 ball joints, with a little modification can be made to fit the mk1 wishbones. Giving some extra camber and caster. Fully looking forward to the difference these make! Can't wait to throw it round some corners.

Now the thing is these will all go on next month or the following month, purely because I want my car mapped. The weather is good and I just wanna be able to go full throttle, it's annoying having to change at 4k. Plus the injectors run lean at 5k so in safety of the engine mapping seems to be the sensible option, this stuff can get fitted later on along with something else  :evil:

Thanks for reading, hopefully another update will be coming soon. Just been mega busy.

Many thanks