Author Topic: VW Heritage - Jetta coupe  (Read 7240 times)

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VW Heritage - Jetta coupe
« on: 20 September 2013, 17:00 »
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Re: VW Heritage - Jetta coupe
« Reply #1 on: 20 September 2013, 17:16 »
Hi all.
Well as the title suggest, we here at VWH have managed to acquire an interesting car that we are about to embark on a project with.
We would like to try something a little different with this project by leaving a lot of the decisions to you guys. You'll have the opportunity to suggest ideas and steer the project in different directions.
The obligatory engine conversion has already been decided, it is in fact still sitting in its donor car in our car park here at VWH hq. Needless to say, it is not going to slow!
A couple of pictures followed by a couple of basic details.

So this little Polish gem is;
-1981 Jetta Coupe.
-1.3 4 speed powerhouse.
-Interior is 50 shades of brown...
-Nevada beige bodywork.
We think the car is a pretty clean and very blank canvas, we hope you guys approve.
As always, please share your opinions and ideas with us, as without them this project wont work.  :)

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Re: VW Heritage - Jetta coupe
« Reply #2 on: 20 September 2013, 21:52 »
Hey Ben, welcome onboard. This must make a difference from building mental motors? (I'm a friend of Joe's!)

In typical fashion I would normally say keep it OEM, but eff that, go all out and plonk an R32/36 in it and an 80's DTM kit, centre lock wheels and a full cage and get Joe to trim in tweed....