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Re: Mk8 golf due 2016
« Reply #40 on: 07 December 2012, 23:35 »
Had a 4 and 5 and now have a 6. Will I have a 7? Probably not, although I'd be very tempted by the new Leon; looks sharper, is cheaper, metallic and white paint don't cost extra, it's pretty much a Golf under the skin and it has a proper handbrake too!

No doubt the Leon is great value, just interior quality is a few steps behind the Golf equivalent, depends how much that bothers you.
Only had a 5 & 6 myself, but would love a restored MK1  :cool:

Does not bother me that much. I would much prefer a manufacture to spend money on mechanical aspects than on touchy feely plastics. So painted panel edges so wings, boot etc don't rot out like they do on the 5 and 6. Or foam that sokes up water to cause wing and sill rot for a little less road noise like the late 5 & 6. Or lack of underseal like the 5 & 6. Compared to there seat version. I guess this is what happens when the world turns into pen pushers with no practical skills  the accountents take over and no one realised as no one knows better as there are no engineers left.
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