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RNS 510 Video In Motion
« on: 24 September 2012, 04:14 »
Saw this posted on another VW forum

I don't take credit for this at all I just know it worked for me. Most of the info I got was from Robpol86's post on so credit goes to him. There are bunch of discussions about the subject going on now on a couple of forums.

Obligatory warning: As with any electronics when you make firmware changes there is a chance of bricking your unit. If you don't accept that risk then stop reading now. Also playing DVDs while driving is dangerous and intended for passengers only. Just like texting/talking DON'T DO IT.

1. Download poweriso or any other CD/DVD image file processing tool. I used poweriso.

2. Download the Video In Motion file here. There are 2 files in the zip.

VIM_berto.iso is the video in motion file.
RECODE_berto.iso is the file if you want to revert changes.

3. Open the file and burn a copy of the VIM file to a cd-r using poweriso.

4. Start the car eject any cd/dvd in the unit.
Press and hold Eject, Day/Night and Guide.
While holding buttons your screen will go black insert burned CD-R.
When it prompts you OK/Cancel on a white screen, hit OK.
It will reboot a few more times.
The head unit should auto-reboot when you remove the CD.

This worked for me on a CDN Spec RNS-510

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Re: RNS 510 Video In Motion
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Re: RNS 510 Video In Motion
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