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craig180 - mk1 Clipper
« on: 08 May 2012, 13:26 »
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Re: craig180 - mk1 Clipper
« Reply #1 on: 10 May 2012, 12:44 »
Welcome to the progress blog of my Mk1 Karman Clipper GTi!


Blue 1989 1.8 8v GTi cabriolet - The only version of a Golf GTi convertible produiced by Volkswagen to date


Standard, gearbox rebuilt ready for new engine.....


8x16 Borbet A alloys, 195/45 Continental tyres, FK Automotive Coilovers, standard brakes


Single lamp, debadged grill with red "GTi" pinstripe, sidestrips removed and replaced with black masking tape (for now!), de-badged wings, clear indicators and side repeaters, "Euro" rear lights, stickers!


Full MJ Interiors retrim in red leather including seats and door cards, "GTi" pinstriped dash surround, ICE.....


I want to get a few bits of the bodywork tidied up. Overall it's in very good condition but does have a small amount of surface rust at the bottom of the driver's door and on the sill top which needs attention. It's also had some accident damage repaired (not to my standards) on the driver's rear quarter so the plan is to sort the rust and give the entire car a flat back and re-spray in the original bluey/purple metallic finish.

De-ariel and relocate the side repeaters to the sides of the bumper

There is also the interior which needs a few bits to finish off - black carpet to replace the horrible grey one, new seat rail covers, black roof lining and a few clips need to be replaced.

Onvce that's done I can concentrate on refurbing the wheels, replacing the 195/45 tyres with lower profile 195/40 so that it either scrubs less or I can lower further!

With those little jobs out of the way I'll then be strengthening the engine bay and fitting a BAM 20vT lump up front with a Shark remap, looking at a reliable 240bhp  :grin:
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Re: craig180 - mk1 Clipper
« Reply #2 on: 10 May 2012, 12:49 »

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Re: craig180 - mk1 Clipper
« Reply #3 on: 08 July 2013, 15:06 »

Ok guys, I thought it was probably about time I gave you an update on this project as it's now entering it's final stages of painting/detailing before being built back up!

I've completely changed my idea about how this will look when finished and have decided on a complete colour change to VW Kansas Beige!

So, work that has been carried out so far is as follows:

Front bumper smoothed and lower splitter painted gloss black.
Indicators relocated to insides of headlights in the single lamp grill giving a "US" feel. Smoked headlights.
All arches trimmed for extra lows
Side repeaters removed
Wing mirrors removed
Side strips now slim chrome items
Chrome door handles and filler cap
Rear bumper de-fogged and de-tow eyed
Custom lower rear splitter fitted to rear bumper and painted gloss black
Tailgate smoothed and debadged
Rear number plate holder gloss black and crystal smoked rear lamps

Borbet's powder coated red and new Wolfburg badges
Suspension down another 20mm at the front, 10mm rear

Interior - still got the full red leather but this will now be complimented by a full claret red carpet set and overmats. The parcel shelf will also be trimmed in the same carpet.

New tonneau cover which is being spray dyed same red as the leather.

And I think that is about it for now. I'll hold back on the pics for now until it starts to be built back up again…… Hold there

One pic to whet your appetite: