Author Topic: Bonnet release handle - How to put it back together? (cable not slotting in)  (Read 264 times)

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    To clean the car interior properly I removed the entire interior. Putting it back together again has gone quite well (bar being mercilessly eaten alive by midges) all except for the bonnet release handle.

The problem I'm having is that as far as I can see, the black outer sheath slots into a tunnel section in the part of the handle which is screwed to the car body.

A larger section of this tunnel/slot allows for the metal band on the black outer sheath to catch into, so that when you pull the handle, this prevents the sheath moving and the bonnet opens.

My problem is, the metal ring doesn't match up with the large hole for it to slot into, so I guess I'm missing something in putting it back together.

Knowing that my other golf (also interior out) definately had the cable in the slot properly, I went and had a look at it. It also didn't match up the metal band with the larger area for it to slot into, so somewhere I'm missing something.

Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong/has a picture of it to show me what I've missed?

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