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air bag light
« on: 15 November 2009, 18:39 »

can anyone tell me what I need to do with the wiring from my front seats and front seat belts to stop the airbag light coming on?

I want to fit race seats etc for trackday fun

Think I need resisters or something along the lines to put into conections? can anyone confirm this?

If so which wires need joining?

Cheers for ya help on this :undecided:

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Re: air bag light
« Reply #1 on: 28 November 2009, 10:01 »
No idea, what car is it? Might be worth asking on Club GTI or perhaps even a more dedicated track forum like northloop.

I know my mate Chris has real hassle with his Mini JCW Works race car as it refuses to run with the airbag disconnected and you have to start the car from the ECU!