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Golf mk7 / Re: Mk 8 Golf
« Last post by king monkey on Today at 12:31 »
It might be the angle of the shot but the side windows look very MPV like in being slab sided.
Most previous generations of Golf have the windows gently carrying on a taper narrowing in width gradually toward the roof from above the belt line giving a squat and muscular stance.

Hopefully the photo is just a bad angle.

This is the only other angle that shows the windows if it’s of any use. Not my photos as said earlier but worth sharing.

Golf mk7 / Re: 2018 Golf TCR and dealer information ?
« Last post by AGB on 17 August 2019, 23:46 »
And I’ll make it three for three working in technology (GEA).  Guess the odds of that are significantly reduced by it being a GTI forum but still feels a low probability of the combination of car choice with profession.

Share your sentiments around FB, airport security and the location and readability of the fuel / temperature gauges.  I’d prefer it if they could sit in the centre of the speedometer / rev counter.

I realised when I was in the car today that they still have the icon for the fuel tank with the indicator showing the side where the fuel cap is. I stand corrected. What I find odd is that for all the touch interfaces, haptics and everything else in modern cars with digital dash, nobody thought about providing more freedom in customisation. The new 992 911 interface is terrible - the steering wheel masks off most of the driver screens and you have to duck and dive to read all the controls either side of the rev counter. VW better but still not as good as it could be.

I deleted FB about 7 years ago and try and fly out of City no matter where I go - everyone travelling from LCY seems to have left their house before and knows that taking 5 litres of liquid is going to have you called aside. But you're right, probably low probability on GTI TCR ownership or are all the others in Teslas?  :smug:

Golf mk7 / Re: 2018 Golf TCR and dealer information ?
« Last post by atlasgrey on 17 August 2019, 23:40 »
A few thoughts around the TCR experience after 1400 miles of mixed driving, and with a slightly different perspective to the excellent write ups from AGB as it’s my daily.

The seven speed DSG is a revelation in comparison to the six speed in my PP.  S mode engaged on the stick especially so as it no longer holds the revs to silly numbers regardless of throttle position and is now far more useful in day to day driving – sharpens everything up but when you maintain the throttle position it will change up as far as seventh.  Whether that’s the later DSG or the mapping for the TCR I know not but it does make such a difference to the driving experience.  Normal mode is fine for the commute and although it will try to get up the gears as quickly as it can there’s so much pull from low revs it really doesn’t mar the experience.

Suspension is firmer than the PP in normal mode, but pleasantly so and never jarring or uncomfortable even over the cart tracks that pass for roads in our locale.  Daft as it sounds, it seems to handle the craters better than the PP even though that was on 18”’s and also had DCC.  Once on the dual carriageway and cruising normal is excellent and comfort if anything introduces a little too much compliance and bounce.  I’ve only tried settings in sport for 20 miles or so (that Eleveden bypass again, and the next few miles of roundabouts and sweeping dual) and it makes the car properly responsive and nailed down – more suited to track use I imagine but it corners on rails and the VAQ seems even more effective with the TCR set up.

It’s a quick car, very quick indeed when given all the beans, and puts the power down incredibly well.  It is possible to induce some slight tramping if leaving the lights with a lead foot approach but otherwise the traction is superb, the P Zeros not even squeaking under hard acceleration off the line and once on the move the power just keeps on coming and to far higher revs than the PP.  There is a pleasing burble from the exhaust, and a small crack on full throttle changing up although not as obvious as the PP, plus some subdued crackles and pops on overrun from high revs, but as others have said the TCR is far too quiet I’m beginning to wonder if mine has already blown a baffle or three somewhere as it does sound far more sporty than the PP did even after 30k miles.

Overall I’m enjoying it more every day, and it is the consummate all-rounder – everything I need and nothing I don’t.  Those of you waiting on delivery will not be disappointed.

Great summary and agree! I’ve got no other mk7 history other than once driving the very disappointing gtd pool car. TCR is great, so good for covering some miles, mixing the easy quiet, comfy cruise and then some quick blast and coming from up gti, Corrado VR6, Mk2 Gti, it’s way more rapid than I’m used to!
Golf mk6 / Re: Rear Camera fail - How to repair?
« Last post by Peter W on 17 August 2019, 23:37 »
thanks, looking forward to your findings and the comparison to the OEM quality, fit and performance.
Golf mk7 / Re: Mk 8 Golf
« Last post by Exonian on 17 August 2019, 23:18 »
It might be the angle of the shot but the side windows look very MPV like in being slab sided.
Most previous generations of Golf have the windows gently carrying on a taper narrowing in width gradually toward the roof from above the belt line giving a squat and muscular stance.

Hopefully the photo is just a bad angle.
Golf mk7 / Re: Ceramic coatings v wax
« Last post by hog_hedge on 17 August 2019, 23:16 »
A good well known and used ceramic is better at protecting your paint and lasts longer than any wax or sealant on the market. But they can be fussy with application and most if not all coat that have warranties that last years have to be applied by a trained and certified detailing professional.

I just use a long life sealant (Soft99 Fusso) and re-coat every 6 months but that's only because I like the routine and the whole process of car cleaning/detailing. If I incur a scratch or minor marring that requires a quick blow over with a DA then I am able to reapply Fusso very easily. It wouldn't be so easy if you had a detailer applied ceramic coat.

Things are different again if you use a ceramic that you can apply at home on the drive such as CQuartz, it's more expensive than a tub of Fusso but it lasts a lot longer.

It's a decision that only you can make but I'm not ready to wean myself off waxing just yet.
Golf mk7 / Re: Tuning boxes now detectable
« Last post by Exonian on 17 August 2019, 23:08 »
I know this is a very old thread, but can anyone explain in simple terms how a tuning boxing is detectable if it’s been removed? And can insurance companies detect this stuff the same as dealers?
Have a read of that.

An insurance company could, if they suspected something, get the ECU investigated the same as VW could to see if there are any anomalies in requested vs actual values where sensors have been tricked.

If a tuning box hasn’t been declared your biggest worry would be being unable to access under the bonnet to remove it before the car got towed away, even a minor shunt can result in a bonnet not being able to be opened in situ.
Golf mk7 / Re: DTUK Pedal box question
« Last post by buddfridge on 17 August 2019, 22:44 »
Went from mk7 pp to 7.5pp no probs
Detailing / Video: //DIY// Polish Black Pretoria Wheels, in a simple way
« Last post by Wide on 17 August 2019, 20:48 »
Think this is a nice way to get Gloss Black Rims back to shape.. :whistle:

Products Used:

-Makita Screwdriver 18V
-Mothers Powercone
-Microfiber Cloth
-Microfiber Applicator "No Name"
-BBV High Gloss Polish
-BBV Fast Cut Rubbing
-Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour
-Lot of time and Energy  ;)

Golf mk7 / Re: What have you done to your MK 7 today ?
« Last post by Rob_benton on 17 August 2019, 19:28 »
Painted  my rear disc hubs. I learnt not to bother again using a brush. Luckily had some silver spray to go over the brush lines and looks fine.

Also polished my exhaust box. I used metal polish and wire wool. It only took 5 minutes and now shines !
Then protected with dlux. 
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