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Golf mk7 / Re: 0% Tint
« Last post by Jim_mk7.5 on Today at 14:38 »
You could remove the glass altogether, that way you could gain a little performance too. Which is nice

 :grin: Surely no windows would be more drag though?!

The thing is, I think the screen has a 20% tint and the front side windows 25% anyway.

Think the OP meant just standard glass as it comes rather than actual 0% tint.
Golf mk7 / Re: 0% Tint
« Last post by Gnasher on Today at 14:29 »
The thing is, I think the screen has a 20% tint and the front side windows 25% anyway.
Golf mk7 / Re: 0% Tint
« Last post by BobbyT on Today at 14:28 »
You could remove the glass altogether, that way you could gain a little performance too. Which is nice
Golf mk7 / Re: Advice - sudden coolant level drop
« Last post by Gnasher on Today at 14:25 »
Common thing apparently - I had a waterpump done under warranty no issues.
Golf mk7 / Re: Advice - sudden coolant level drop
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 12:33 »
Quite often it seems there is a bleed from the actual level sensor itself or the water pump housing.

The other thing you sometimes see is an airlock - but if you have topped back up and its dropping again, then its a leak for sure.

If you have a warranty, use it.
HI All

MK 6 GTI 2012 plate 70K

Date of manufacturer 29 Feb 2012: Full VW service history

Just got my new pride and joy and am know wondering if its worth getting the chain + tensioner done, had a quote from an independent garage for £900.

The issue is I've scrolled through the whole thread and not seen one 2012 GTI has had the timing chain tensioner fault/fail.

I understand there was a revised tensioner fitted from engines built from 17 May 2010
A second revision of the tensioner from engines built in December 2011.
A third revision of the tensioner as quoted by Mike above from 01 May 2012.

If this is 100% accurate I would have the second revision of the tensioner, which by the looks of the posts on here hasn't failed/ shown history of failing?

I paid more than I should of for the car TBH and plan on keeping it for a long while but do not wanna be spending nearly a £1000 if not necessary.

Would really appreciate your comments on weather or not im safe to forget about it and carry on or should i be getting it changed?


Hi, i'm craig, just joined up. I've had my mk2 for about 5 years now and heres some of the work that i have carried out on it, all myself, learning along the way.
I've just picked up a mk7 golf 1.4TSI ACT Bluemotion DSG as my new daily, it will probably get a remap but nothing more.

here's a bit of the cars journey

Refurbished the mk2 rear calipers, adding stainless nipples with new covers and painted in Dark Anthracite which i will paint the fronts in too

20180206_182456 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

20180206_182202 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Brake lines replicated

rear beam blasted

Bumper removed and checked the area, looks really good

found a couple of little problems:

loose underseal removed and area prepped for new

Rear beam and brackets painted with Raptor Paint[/img]

Stripped down the rear ARB to bare metal as it seemed to have some worming under the powdercoat, painted with etch primer then Upol-Raptor, let it all cure for a week and i re-fitted it all with all new bushes.

car all complete for the year and im trying to drive it as much as possible

worked well as my wedding car :) 3 adults and my 2 kids in it and no rubbing

IMG_3571 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

IMG_20180617_171944_919 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

papped up the gorge :)

Took the golf for a drive through my local hotspot and took some photos with my new phone, what an upgrade from my old Galxy S5!

IMG_20180726_212554_489 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

IMG_20180726_212738_538 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

IMG_20180726_212352_857 by Cragmire40D, on Flickr

Went out in the car yesterday after a quick clean and some weekend maintenance, the car feels really dialled in, the handling is lovely, the power delivery is great.. still need to go get the car booked in for some winter paint love. i want to get the engine stripped out again and painted as i never did that when putting it in, also the gearbox soda blasted and painted.

couldn't help but take more photos on the way home from a little meet

Saturday afternoon got busy!

Intercooler out (need to make up some good brackets for that again as i didn't like how it was sat at an angle before)

cooling system out - getting completely replaced

Alternator and bracket - out to be refurbished.

This is the offending pipe!

The near side of the engine has a coolant housing that the temp sensor goes into, so i whipped that off while i clean up the engine of all the muck and grease, as it came of, the rubber o'ring came away in 2 that's likely where the little dribble of coolant has come from and possibly not the pipe in the pictures above, but that needs replacing anyway.

Going to fit a catch can so whipped out all the oil breather pipes, the one that goes into the block obviously split as it came out..just brittle. so ordered a new part there, that will go into a silicon pipe to a catch can and then one from the cam cover to the catch can...then delete the PCV (puck) valve.

then took out the alternator and the bracket behind it that supports the power steering pump. I'll sand them back and clear coat them... not sure how to restore the alternator yet though but just want that back to OEM looking and clear coated.

loads of cleaning to do! should be a good week for progress

Another busy weekend pushing on with the car.

Finished cleaning up the cam cover, masked up ready to paint

Idle pulley bearing was rough so took that apart, cleaned up all the aluminium, chemically treated it and then cleaned again and clear coated it... i also did this with the bracket on the front of the engine for the alternator

Took the bearing out thinking i could just replace it... looks like its easier to just replace the assembaly

Stripped the alternator to check the bearings as it sounded a bit gritty..

Outer shaft bearing in the casing is all good... inner is gritty..Part number for it in pic. ordered a new bearing and will replace that.

did loads more cleaning up of the alternator casing, i will clear coat this when done.

and put some of it back in to get an idea of how its looking.

Well i picked up the new used box from a seller i have known about for a long time so that gave me some confidence in what he was saying... So many people have tried to sell me duff box's or just come across as such cowboys.

Photo from the seller below. pretty oily and grimey but came out of a running Octavia VRS and the gearbox was running smoothly.

got busy with the oven cleaner and some other cleaning products and it really did a good job on removing all the grime! the only issue was some surface corrosion that i've began cleaning off before clear coating the box.. i don't want to paint it silver as it just looks wrong... black would be good but keep it original looking and clear it.

half way through clearing it up my second Dremel died.. thats 2 now in the space of 2 years... going to buy a cheap one this time as im sick of the cost of a dremel against the length of life

Got busy at the weekend with the gearbox.

I Had a few hours on Saturday while the boys were at their nannas for lunch so i built the crane up, wheeled the car out and got busy

First job was disconnecting the driveshafts and getting those off. For anyone wondering, you need to have the wheels off and undo the lower suspension bolts, then you will have enough room to slip them out.

Out with the old box... ewww..grotty

On goes the new box

Time for the bay to get some more TLC

Checked the turbo over and its got Zero play, happy days! i did come across an issue when removing the TIP that theres a rubber O-Ring that seals it onto the Turbo, that has split.. so now i'm just tempted to change it to a Silicon TIP. i'll see how much the o-ring is first

mental week, not able to get much done sadly.

Fitted the new starter motor

I also decided to debaffle the turbo outlet (charge pipe). Theres no performance gain to be had, just sounds better :)

got busy on the car lately, my dad suffered a major stroke and im in hospital several hours a day. Outside of visiting times, i needed something to focus on that i could just be alone and take my mind off the worry. turns out you can get lots done in short times.

New starter motor.

Painted up the intercooler to add to the stealthy look

Engine going in

Tax and insure it today and finish off the front end tonight when im back from the hospital.

cannot wait to drive it again.

nice to be out and about in it this weekend :)

well they arrived and all look very good. totally refurbished with all new bolts, sliders, stainless bleed nipples, rubbers and pistons.

started looking at changing over the turbo for a k03s hybrid... so will need to re-evaluate of its easily mappable or not, last time i looked it was not...things could have changed

Golf mk7 / Re: Wing mirror not dipping
« Last post by Ado on Today at 11:05 »
Mine wasn’t disable, my side mirror adjust at the same time if I am trying to adjust the drivers side though.  :laugh: :laugh:
Golf mk7 / Re: Buying a new car from third party company.
« Last post by 245PS on Today at 10:20 »
Orangewheels looked good but drivethedeal coming in best this morning so have emailed for a finance quote.

Interesting on orangewheels it give a breakdown of the discounted rates for the options. Notice paint option is not discounted.
Golf mk7 / Re: Wing mirror not dipping
« Last post by Hertsman on Today at 09:56 »
On subject of PDI did provide some feedback as they obviously tested the passenger air bag disabling which is important to do, but never turned it back on!

Noticed immediately as very used to the lights in the MK 7 and the warning light remained on instead of going out after a set period and went to passenger side and turned on with the key.

But in essence they delivered a car without an air bag functioning

I wonder if this is intentional/guidance they have been given as I had exactly the same with mine!

Did they respond to you on this?

Got a sorry and thanks for the feedback with promise it will be relayed to the garage responsible - Could have pursued it more but with likely no more response than already received just put it down to an oversight

However thats pretty worrying that you state the same, so maybe the TCR is arriving on shore like that and the PDI is not picking it up? and other TCR owners experience passenger air bag deactivated on delivery?
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