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New forum members / Soon to be 7.5 GTI owner
« Last post by wilxmiester on 26 May 2020, 23:11 »
Hey all, My name is Matthew and hoping to collect a 7.5 Ruben Black manual this week, based in Crewe Cheshire. It’s been a while since I’ve been on the GTi scene since having a polo GTi back in 2015. Curious to know if this is the best forum to be in, or is there another one which is more commonly used. I’m
Going to be looking into different modifications such as cat back de-res, air intake etc. So hoping to get some useful info on what’s on the market.

Golf mk7 / Re: Clubsport 40 value
« Last post by 245PS on 26 May 2020, 21:59 »
Crikey I wouldn’t want to pay £475/year to tax a Golf.

It will be my daily driver, but I don’t do huge miles, and I do like to mollycoddle my cars, hence I like them to be a bit special in the first place.

Golf mk7 / Re: Clubsport 40 value
« Last post by SRGTD on 26 May 2020, 21:52 »
@245PS; bear in mind that many TCR’s had a list price in excess of £40k when new, so those cars will attract the additional annual VED levy of (currently) £325 per year for five years from the end of the first year’s registration, in addition to the standard VED rate of (currently) £150.
Golf mk5 / Re: In the market for......
« Last post by barrym381 on 26 May 2020, 21:32 »
Don’t be silly the 500 quid a year tax unless you buy an early 05 is just stupid our running costs halved when the r32 was upgraded to an rs3
Golf mk7 / Re: Clubsport 40 value
« Last post by Paul70 on 26 May 2020, 20:51 »
I would search Exonian’s previous posts, he’s written several excellent comparison reviews but his view may be different to yours. Based on the specification you want my advice is go for the TCR; for only a few thousand more you’ll get a more recent car, perhaps close to 3 years newer, more equipment some of which was not standard or even available on the ED40. All the benefits of the Facelift model, perhaps even Akrapovic exhaust.

If you want a car to mollycoddle, pamper and you only do a few miles buy the ED40. If you do average mileage and your car will be a workhorse buy a TCR. There’s plenty of choice at the moment. Plus you’ll get a manufacturers warranty.

Each to their own.
Golf mk7 / Re: Clubsport 40 value
« Last post by 245PS on 26 May 2020, 19:23 »

Conversely I had a mad moment and part exchanged mine for a TCR last October

How does it compare?
Golf mk7 / Re: Service question
« Last post by SRGTD on 26 May 2020, 18:35 »
I can't see why anyone would doubt that it would be a problem. It's the first two services, whenever those are.
Fred - it could be problem as the VW terms and conditions state that vehicles on a service plan are required to be set to time and distance servicing, ie, they are selling you a service per year/mileage, not on a variable basis. Why they do it that way - not sure - perhaps just to limit the length of time they are obligated to the customer under the plans.

And the price VW charge for their 2 year service plans is based on 1 minor (oil change) and 1 major (oil change plus inspection) services at yearly / 10,000 mile intervals.

My car is set for time and distance servicing so I apologise in advance for not knowing what work is involved at each service under the flexible service regime. However, I’m assuming under the long life / flexible service regime, because of the length of time distance a car can go between services, the services don’t alternate between a minor and major service and that each service is probably the equivalent of a major service? If so, then if VW offered a two service plan for cars on long life servicing, it would probably be priced at a higher cost than the current two service plan consisting of one minor and one major service for cars on time and distance service regime.
Golf mk7 / Re: Door mirror glass just dropped out
« Last post by Rob_benton on 26 May 2020, 18:28 »
New and still in box. Hopefully Vw use a glue that sticks these days ! Knowing my luck it’s old stock from 2014 !
Golf mk7 / Re: Free and Easy. Sat Nav map updates.
« Last post by Ceefeesh on 26 May 2020, 18:22 »
I thought that’s where it was :laugh: If not tell me how to. I think it will be useful for some.
Golf mk7 / Re: Free and Easy. Sat Nav map updates.
« Last post by bogwoppit on 26 May 2020, 18:03 »
I've just done this, thanks to all the posters above.

Car is a 19 reg, and was running Europe 1 (v8) SD card, ECE1 2018 version

I managed to fit the European countries bundle 1 on the factory SD card, so now it is version ECE AS 20/21.

It is worth this topic getting pinned to the mk7 page?
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