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Golf mk7 / Re: Help can't open car
« Last post by Zan on Today at 18:51 »
Got in my car yesterday after work and it popped up with the replace key battery warning so nipped into screwfix on the way home and picked up some Varta brand batteries.
Replaced in my daily fob and also my spare and no issues so far, curiously a year ago they replaced the battery on the service and the car has had another service just a few weeks ago and they didn't replace it this time around.
Golf mk8 / Re: Well that didn’t last long!!!
« Last post by SRGTD on Today at 18:41 »
There is no way on earth that's a write off.

Agree. For a car to be written off, it needs to be damaged beyond economic repair, which usually means cost of repairs would be in the region of 50% - 60% of the car’s value.

I’ve seen pictures of Golfs on some other VAG forums that’ve suffered rear end impacts. In those cases, if as a result of the impact there’s rippling of the roof panel or rear quarter panels, then that’s a good indication of more serious hidden structural damage, in which case there’s a good chance the car will be written off. Looking at the pictures posted by the OP, the damage seems to be limited to the tailgate, bumper cover, probably the metal bumper crossmember and possibly the panel behind the bumper, so I’d say a repair is the likely outcome. Just my opinion though, and I’m by no means qualified in these matters :smiley:.

On a positive note, Moonstone Grey should be an easy colour to get a good colour match between the new paint on the replaced / repaired panels and the original factory paint.
Golf mk7 / Re: How many fellow TCR owners are there on here?
« Last post by Watts on Today at 17:48 »
If anyone fancied swapping to the aluminium subframe, this seems to be a bargain -

I would politely suggest that is almost certainly from a chopshop.

Unless its possible to run a supposed car breakers from a block of flats.

Don't encourage crime....

That's your assumption and a bit condescending with nothing obviously polite about it. They also have this ad - showing the whole car which has front end damage and could easily be a write off. The seller is a registered limited company which on Companies House says they retail motor vehicle parts and accessories as well as sell used cars. They may sell stolen parts as you say but registering yourself as a company selling car parts doesn't seem like a good way of hiding your criminal activities.
Golf mk7 / Re: We Connect App
« Last post by bogwoppit on Today at 17:46 »
The VW id thing is really easy, takes a couple of minutes.

Just have your driving licence/passport on you and start the call, it opens up a video call with a VW person, and they verify you are the owner etc, take some photo shots of your id and then it's all sorted.
Golf mk8 / Re: Digital key
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 17:42 »
It also appears to need particular phone models because they need a special chip for car keys..

For your iPhone plus, have you tried folding it in half?  :grin:
Golf mk7 / Re: Help can't open car
« Last post by Phil245 on Today at 17:32 »
LOL...... I don't carry either, just my phone in it's case with a debit card....!

Just reading a more or less identical thread over on the Karoq forum.    Seems that a few members have had problems with anything other than a like for like Panasonic battery being needed. Something about mA/h and pulses.....

Have a read if interested.

I've cancelled my Amazon order for generic 2025's and ordered genuine Panasonic's just in case....
Golf mk8 / Re: Well that didn’t last long!!!
« Last post by JoeGTI on Today at 17:24 »
There is no way on earth that's a write off.
Golf mk8 / Re: Digital key
« Last post by Daz Auto on Today at 17:13 »
Is it iOS compatible?

Initially the BMW 2 series was android only. Now it will also work with iOS. So I'm sure that VW will be working on it.

The problem we have is that the BMW phone tray will not hold an iPhone 12 Pro Max with a protective case. First world problems.  :rolleyes:
Following a hiccup while having a puncture repaired I had to have the original wheels refitted and have now decided to keep the car with them on.

I will be listing them on Ebay tomorrow but here's a quick heads up if anyone is after a single wheel.

3 of them are CM wheels copies, tyres have done around 6000 miles, 1 has a small kerb mark and a couple have some marks on the inside from when the tyres were first fitted, Ill inspect them better once cleaned and details and pictures will be on the listing.

1 genuine brand new VW wheel, with a brand new tyre fitted (Not in hand the garage have ordered it from VW this week, they didn't realise they were copies)

They will be collection only from Sudbury, Suffolk.

These were fitted to my mk7.5 GTi
Golf mk7 / Re: Help can't open car
« Last post by fredgroves on Today at 17:03 »
Yeah real common battery - probably your local petrol station has them.

Buy two, keep one (inside of its packaging) in your wallet or handbag (hey, its 2021, who am I to judge)
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