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If the tensioner fails and the chain jumps would it still be under tension? Or once the tensioner fails would it stay slack?
Golf mk6 / Re: RacingLine Magnetic Sump Plug
« Last post by joe6 on 19 July 2019, 22:55 »
Not got the magnetic sump plug but since the bolt thread and magnetic extension must fit the into the standard sump hole, would have thought the normal crush washers would do the job?
Golf mk7 / Re: 7.5 GTI PP - Unhappy at low speed?
« Last post by Talk-torque on 19 July 2019, 22:51 »
I made a similar change to you, except my cars are both DSG. Nothing like the symptoms you describe. Car is silky smooth in all circumstances. Sounds like you need something sorting. Could be over sensitive anti-stall?
Golf mk6 / Re: Rns510 and mic but no Bluetooth?
« Last post by joe6 on 19 July 2019, 22:49 »
You will need a VW Bluetooth module, microphone kit that sits in the cabin overhead light and connects to the radio and a wiring harness that connects the Bluetooth module to the radio. As said above, all available on ebay. Need to code the module using VCDS. Getting the wiring harness in place can be a bit of a pain as lots of plastic trim to move. Took me half a day to get the wiring in place and the sort out the correct coding which varies with module and radio. Plenty of videos on the net for fitting the cabling.
Golf mk7 / Re: 7.5 GTI PP - Unhappy at low speed?
« Last post by Watts on 19 July 2019, 22:38 »
Sounds like you need to book it in, there's clearly something not right.
Golf mk7 / 7.5 GTI PP - Unhappy at low speed?
« Last post by GTI-Guy on 19 July 2019, 22:25 »
Moved from a Mk 7 GTI to a 2019 7.5 GTI PP about 2 months ago, everything is pretty much as expected & I'm more than happy apart from one thing;

At low speed, either pulling away or taking up drive in traffic in 1st the car is far from happy - it intermittently seems to be on the verge of stall just as the clutch fully engages when pulling away & is just plain hard work in slow moving stop / start traffic.

Everything else clutch, box & drive wise is 100%, it's not the hydraulic clutch delay & coming straight from a Mk7 I doubt it's my clutch control. One thing I have noticed is that there is an audible rpm increase of around 100rpm when the clutch is about 3/4 released, this appears to be ECU driven via the clutch position sensor & seems to be causing or at least helping the issue. Best way I can describe it as some sort of 1/2 assed stall prevention / protection.

Apart from a few extra hp, the only significant difference 7 / 4.5PP wise is the front diff & I don't imagine that it's got anything to do with those - one thing that has crossed my mind is that has something to do with changes made due to WLTP (car registered Feb 2019).

Sound familiar / any ideas?

Golf mk7 cars + parts for sale / Continental sport contact 5 235 35 19
« Last post by mkviken on 19 July 2019, 21:59 »
2x tyres

Very good condition 5mm tread left

£90 posted of £75 collected for both
Golf mk7 / Re: £5k off a CS40*
« Last post by r600_clubsport on 19 July 2019, 21:09 »
Hopefully this one doesn't belong to anyone on here;-


i reckon this is the one reported the other day stolen off the family's driveway
Golf mk7 / DSG S Mode on the Mk 7.5.
« Last post by Talk-torque on 19 July 2019, 20:06 »
I pretty much abandoned S mode for the DSG box in my 2014 MY GTI, because it held gears ridiculously long and seemed pointless. I’ve had my 2019 MY car since March and, until today, still hadn’t tried it on this car. What a revelation!
With this car S mode seems much more adjustable, with gears being held to more reasonable revs and dependant on throttle setting, as with drive mode. Not done much with it yet, as it took me by surprise, but are my initial impressions correct? Is S mode with the DSG box now a useable option?
Golf mk7 / Re: £5k off a CS40*
« Last post by Guzzle on 19 July 2019, 19:50 »
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