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Title: V5 rough idle
Post by: justinoV5 on 16 April 2003, 12:39
Hi all,

Just bought a 2 year old V5 done 10,000 miles. ?Everything is OK except at idle the engine is a bit juddery.

Going by the rev counter the car is idling at 600 rpm. ?If I give a little gas and get the revs to 700 the idle becomes smooth. ?Is my idle speed too low, hence the problem and can I adjust it or is the car just running poorly at the correct idle with another problem?

Title: Re: V5 rough idle
Post by: VW-Employee on 23 April 2003, 23:44
Does it show any symptoms of cutting out when you downshift at junctions?  Doesn't happen all the time but it could be the dreaded coil pack problem.  Has the EPC light ever come on?

If it's still in warranty get the dealer to check it out.  If it's out of warranty and it IS a coil problem VW will pay for it up to 36 months or 100,000 miles